I Can’t Wait for IH 35 Construction to be Complete

I am a very busy girl….I am smashing in as much as I can…not that I think it makes much difference how much you do, see, etc. as long as there is joy in it. My Dad was the same way…always on the move and ready for an errand.

Now about my social life in recent weeks: I have been to book clubs, birthday parties, showers, a cooking class, lunch and breakfast reunions with chums, and a smathering of other happy encounters. It is all about keeping my head above water…..I like that expression….yes, that’s what it is about.

In the past month I have reconvened with three old friends….Belinda M., the kindest and sweetest and most genuine person ever and I had a Meg’s feast and caught up. How is it some people turn out so pure in heart and others are tilted toward the darkness. I don’t know but she has my admiration forever.

Ann and I had breakfast at the Jarrell Denny’s on Memorial Day. Ann is very mindful about being fair regarding distance…an uncommon trait! I am still like a deer in the headlights…she had so many great catch up stories…I am not known to be a great listener…but I didn’t even blink once hearing the state of West Bell County. I am proud of Ann.

The day before yesterday I had lunch in San Antonio at the Tip Top CaIMG_1297.jpgfé with a high school chum. I saw Bunnie last in 1992…I opted not to attend my 50th reunion since I only went to school at MacArthur one year…Bunnie and I were friends in middle school then I was in Germany for 3 years of high school then back for the last year at Mac. I just don’t feel connected to those classmates…BUT it was fun to hear about the few I remember…50 of our classmates have died….I knew three of them.

Pam’s daughter, darlin’ Katie, is preg and having a little boy child. Karen, Kim, and I are giving her a shower in December….Pam would like that…I sure wish I could have her back for a couple of hours. I would drive her around East Bell County and we would talk and talk and talk and laugh and laugh and laugh. I would make sure she saw the construction on I 35; I would have her tell me how she would like that grave decorated or not; I would make her look in my heart and that would be easy for her since she is dead; then I would have her sort it all out for me from the perspective of how important is all this shit. She was great at this soul understanding in life so she would be awesome from the beyond.


Now the showers—one baby and one couples shower. The latter was a novelty to the Krals’ duo. Len was pressed into action and did his part well even though he threatened me if we got to the festivity location and if there were no other husbands in attendance! I assured him he would not be alone. This is the kind of thing Len and I have just missed as old barren folks who moved too much. It was fun to see young whipper-snappers in love.

Len went to the Hotter N’ Hell Bike ride in Wichita Falls on Labor Day…he rode way farther than I could even imagine….30 miles against a prevailing, 25 mile an hour wind, 97 F! Seventy-one years old and an amazing athlete!


I am in the cooking mode…I have harvested over 100 tomatoes, blanched the little suckers…then grated them. After all that work I have about 4 quarts of stewedpotatoes. I was scheduled to take a canning class at CM but it was canceled at the last minute—but then I did get go a different day to learn about-Dumplings of the World with James and Belinda–great fun to be with them. The class was so-so though. Flour cooked with butter anyway, is pretty good. I spent the night at the Broadway afterward.IMG_1284.jpg IMG_1282.jpg


IMG_1292.jpgToday Susan S and I went to see This is Where I Leave You—I liked it…books read, heard, or reviewed The Aviator’s Wife, Elephant Company (non-fiction), The Target and David and Goliath

I’ve been obsessed to find the class photo of my first grade class in 1969-70 at Harmony Elementary, East Central ISD, San Antonio. I have Googled school photo companies to no avail. Finally I figured I just needed to go to the school…only to find it is now a Special Population Center and there is a new Harmony…I had fun going out and the school secretary was magnificent…but they don’t keep photos that long. I am disappointed. Those 1st graders are now 52 years old.

I am going back to SAT Sunday to get things ready for Mom’s birthday soiree. This will be two times in four days of IH 35 madness.


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