Trying to Get Every Drawyer Empty for my First Estate Sale….I Say 1 of 10

I like to say this is the first of ten estate sales…..An acquaintance from Christ Church is in business with two others doing estate sales….and the time seems right. Len has been adamant about not having any kind of sale here at the house…and I really don’t want the grief or sweat involved in getting things priced…so this sounds like a good move.

For at least three days I have been on my feet purging bibelots, objects de art, and stuff from window seats, closets, cabinets, drawers, and the pantry. (Why is that a run-on sentence?) I treated everything like you are supposed to do clothes. If I haven’t used in two years, it is gone. I am not taking anything Mom gave me but I am saying goodbye to an inherited luster-ware tea set. One of Mom’s old friends, Holly, gave it to me when her mother, Nana Gantt, died. We had quite a few tea parties using this set…but it is time to go. IMG_1431.JPG

Here is what I am thinking—what if I/we get a chance to move to Monaco? I don’t want the encumbrance of superfluous stuff. I will want to make a quick getaway! So I am making way for opportunities that may come our way. My wish is for all the loot packed away to be gone…every time I open a cabinet and see Christmas ornaments, fabric, and other paraphernalia I get a strangled feeling. I have to get this stuff out of here so I can breathe. Here’s the tough part: I empty two thirds of a space and readjust the remaining one third so I don’t get to feel the liberation until it is all gone.

Since the Christmas decorations are 90% going I will be able to get rid of the armoire in the guest bedroom for a small chest of drawers—maybe mirrored to make the room look larger.

All of this and I have ZERO time to go to the gym or walk. And I am getting a head cold or a similar malady. Stop it.

During this purging I found some photos from yesteryear. IMG_1429.jpg IMG_1435.JPG

Today I treated myself to see the Equalizer with Danzell Washington….Gory but I liked seeing it.


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