Great Thunderbolts of Jove! It’s Already Mid-October

It is so damned true…as I age, time FLIES. The last time I wrote I was puffed up because I was in the throws of downsizing—hauling things over to the estate sale location. Finally, the sale managers said, ‘No more submissions.” Actually the timing was good to quit..if the sale is sufficiently profitable I can sell more at other sales they have. I think I did a good job for a first of ten. The attic is almost empty and I eliminated about 90% of all Christmas decorations and decided to add the armoire to the deposit…hope I get something for it besides space. Yes! There is one problem…I want to open drawers and cabinets and see empty space. As much as I have purged, when you spread out the remainders it still looks like a lot. I really feel claustrophobic when I see stuff any more.


This month I have seen my optician, had a sleep disorder consult, eaten out waaaay too much, observed migrating Monarchs, attended a wedding, visited my shut-in friends, driven to SAT two times (one more to go), and enjoyed a THS Home Ec teachers reunion. It has all been good.

I am planning a girlee soiree in November—complete with a ‘fashion truck.’ This is a first for me…I sure hope it isn’t like a Tupperware things…NO PRESENTATIONS, the owners promised. Mainly it will be parked out in front and guests can check it out or not, as they please….and no pressure to buy anything. I am going to have Mexican food and beverages…already bought the little Cokes and Coronalitas. White Wings, guacamole, pepper poppers, and Margarita Punch. Yup that will work.


I am thinking about gratitude, gratification, and gratuity. I saw this piece at Scott and White and it started me thinking and with some cognitive stretching, I have had much to ponder. Grateful yes, but not sufficiently—I am frequently gratified but again, insufficiently; and in terms of gratuity…well, I just don’t give enough back for all I am given. Maybe only volunteering—money, to charities close to me, but again, insufficiently. I am on the short end of the stick and must work on these things.  

Since retirement, I rarely suffer from decision fatigue or mental either. I frequently think of what my old boy friend, Tommy, once told me, “Living without purpose is poison.” I need more purpose. I am going to try to call him this week. He might be dead. He was/is 8 years older than I. Ok, here is what this is all about. I listened to Billy Crystal’s new book, Still Foolin’ ‘Em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys? At first I was not at all interested and was annoyed throughout at his claim of friendship with so many celebrities. It sort of felt like name-dropping but what the hell, I’d brag too. I am so smitten with my friends, I brag about them so ok, I will excuse Billy. Back to the subject. It was funny and I did laugh out loud often. There were some very poignant parts. I love listening to audio books. The all time funniest book is Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome or maybe David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day.


I haven’t been reading too much except for pop magazines…I NEVER, EVER read Oprah anything and brag that I have never, ever seen her show…but I did pick up some interesting insights in the November issue of O at the hair salon– about parent care. The Thanks Mom article reminded me soooo much of Mom. After getting my hair colored, cut, and coiffed…oh and a Frida Kahlo brow-job, too, I went to UT Ransom Center to see an exhibit about Gone with the Wind.


Ooops before I forget….Gone Girl…pretty much a Hitchcockesque shrieker movie. Also saw The Equalizer….I will never think of Home Depot the same way again.

I was meant to live in San Francisco, just another of my favorite San cities. I was also meant to shop at Gumps for home furnishings and clothes.

I am just about ready to pack for Day of the Dead. I am laying out essentials such as black lace Catrina apparel for the parade. I am sooooo excited. OMG! I just did a quick Google search to see if I could find any images and LOW and BEHOLD, I came across this site…..I subscribed. Must ask Camie who the author is!!!! WOW.

There has to be a way to start a sentence or paragraph with something other than, “I ….”. So now it is time for a shower then wine. Len is doing the Livestrong ride in Austin tomorrow so I can bake apple bombs in a quiet house.   IMG_1470.jpg

How can I go to an Anne Lamott event?

I seem to have sciatica. I do not like it. Also I should never have made fun of the abdominal flap linen available in shops for the aged. As soon as I did, I grew one, and it is a whopper of a flap. Photos are unavailable.

IMG_1455.JPG IMG_1458.JPG IMG_1526.jpg IMG_1449.JPG


2 Responses to “Great Thunderbolts of Jove! It’s Already Mid-October”

  1. Nina Bible Says:

    I enjoyed reading this entry! I really loved reading the Gangs blog. Very funny! The picture of you and Len is a great one…as is the photo of Mary. Cannot wait to hear about your upcoming trip! Keep writing!

  2. Sally Hartwig Says:

    Susan, Susan, Susan, every blog tells me how much I miss out on not having you by my side every minute of the day (and how I want to be by your side heading to SM…) Thanks so much for continuing to share your adventures and drama and eyebrows, and enriching my cosmic space. Love, love. Sally

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