If I Don’t Write Tonight I Will POP: In Dire Need of a Catharsis or Is It Purging?

B86ABDCC-8BDB-49B1-AB94-BC1DCD30B0E5.jpeg IMG_0166.JPG IMG_1785.jpg

I have been home two days and of those two days, I slept 12 hours and volunteered at the hospital for four hours….so little time for an after-action review.

I will be making Korean Lettuce Wraps like Barbara ate at La Aurora or my version, anyway. I coveted her lettuce wraps.



I hate trying to extract each bit of minutia – because I probably don’t have the ability and will it make a difference? The flight to BJX was greatly improved as AA is flying clean, new airbuses…and I received an upgrade. I am determined to use up my AA segments before they change the rules. This can happen at any time. I think there is software that finds new angles to gyp frequent flyers. Must consider how paranoid that sounds! AND on the way home, the flights from DFW were delayed 4 hours…so David, Alex, and I had two meals and good visitation at the BJX airport. When I finally made it to DFW, I had missed all flights to Killeen so I spent the night at the airport Hyatt—comfortable and verrrrrry expensive.

I am very taken with young Alex Stone, David Stone’s son. He is 37 and his own man. I like meeting adult children of people I know but not their kids. This sentence makes

IMG_1672.jpgIMG_1677.jpgNO sense. It is like when I finally met Jackie’s twins and Barbara’s Michalel. It is a new big dynamic. I shared a van with them to SMdA.

Barbara came in later in the day – Babs and I stayed on what I think is the northwest side of town…Organos 5…pronounced like the organ liver. The modernish house was very central and only 3 blocks from the Jardin. This was a very nice, eclectic house, albeit dark. The off site owners may be Canadian…we shared the property the last two days with a couple renting the attached casita. I barely laid eyes on them. Precious Dennis and Gay came out of retirement to be our off site hosts….they were/are perfect.



IMG_1943.JPG IMG_0170.JPG

I will make myself crazy trying to sequence the events so I will clump all together by category!   Camie knows no limits….how is it possible to keep upgrading the DOD tour? We had lots of new things to do…and the few oldies but goodies, Barbara and I just skipped. We did not go to the sugar market, the pilgrimage to the Panteon, La

IMG_1764.jpgGruta, church, nor the field trip to the country. We did our own outing to the artesan market and shopping in general in the Centro, IMG_1756.JPG organic market and well, any where they sold things and we were present…We went with the tour to different casas for comidas….all the houses were spectacular with magnificent catering. Open bar….always popular, and the face painting/altar-building/mariachi band/mojijanga event was just plain over the top wonderful! Oh, we went to a Sazon cooking class with the Sierra Nevada’s chef! It was the best yet…we all were able to participate and we were introduced to some new techniques and food items (corn smut). Gay and Dennis took us to visit the mask museum at the Casa de la Cuesta B&B. It appears to be the top rated B&B or waaaaay up there. This is was some kind of impressive mask museum.

Soooo, we had many new experiences and all grand. Jewelry and blouse shopping, divine food and drink, and maaaaaarvelous visits with old and new friends. What’s not to like?

IMG_1702.jpgIMG_1900.JPG IMG_1892.jpg


Foy suffered from one stroke and probably several TIAs leading up to the stroke. I can’t say enough about the care that his hosts provided as well as Camie and Larry, et al. Foy was understandably reluctant to give in to waning health but at several events he required assistance and care….EMS….etc. It was always frightening and he was always unwilling to take advice. His traveling days are done. We didn’t know if he could make the flight back to Texas but he did make it with the assistance of the airline and another tour member was on the same flight. I know she didn’t want that responsibility. I am realllllllly abbreviating all that surrounded his ‘spells’ in SMdA. He has now finished three days at Hillcrest Hospital in Waco and moved to a rehab center for the next 20 days. He will not like this. I spoke with Doris, his sister in law from Corpus Christi, today. The doctors say Foy can no longer live alone. His brother, Burt, will be moving him to assisted living or a nursing home in Corpus Christi. My heart breaks. Really breaks. Effectively, I’ve lost Lolly and now Foy. I feel like I should recount each episode but it somehow seems wrong and it stings too much. This is what happens. I’m cried out and empty. I think I am getting to the front of THE LINE and it doesn’t feel good.


What have I learned? Keep having estate sales, maintain my MedJet membership, go like crazy; laugh like a loon, speak up about perceived bull shit, and love up on my dear family and friends. Dance during good weather, beg God to make you some kind of moderate Moonie, and possibly relocate during summer.

Photos will just have to be stacked because there are so many and I want to edit but just not enough time to make me look like Betty Grable. I think I am Olive Kitteridge.

I have to go to bed. Every single night of my life Len asks me what time I want to get up and it is a loaded question. He and Diego take it as a personal challenge to wake me up with lots of enthusiasm . Tomorrow I hit the road early for SAT. I am glad Len takes such loving care of me.


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