Lolly is Released

On Wednesday, December 17, Lolly was released from the cruel bondage of Alzheimer’s. I ache for her family and her friends but I’m almost joyous that she is no longer shackled in that dungeon. The visitation and funeral were packed with her loved ones and fans; there were many. I won’t try to eulogize here—Kelly and Brad did a masterful job of that at the funeral. Trite saying how proud she would be —

I loved Lolly—she made me a better person. I was the Johnny-come-lately in her cadre of friends. Our bond was trust…she knew I would keep her safe. I won’t remember Lolly as she was at the end. Instead I am and will think of her just as she was—pretty, vibrant, funny, and just full of common sense. I loved our travels, tears, laughter, stories, and missions. I can say this—Viking River Cruises should have paid us—we entertained so many. We used to say we were, “…the best dinner show on the river.” No one could sashay like Lolly.


2 Responses to “Lolly is Released”

  1. Carol Ann Esposito Says:

    Beautiful and very touching words!

    Carol Ann Esposito Please excuse my brevity, sent from my iPad.


  2. Lou Snn Weaks Says:

    Yeah, Lolly. I only knew her through your descriptions, but I rejoice with you at her blessed release.

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