Restaurant Deportment

So last week Len and I went early to the Roaring Fork Restaurant in South Austin…our favorite…we have a frequent dining card with about $400.00 of credit built up. Anyway, we got there early because that is what you do when you are married to Len…no standing in line for us. We were one of three couples there at 11:00 am. The young concierge asked our table preferences. With a smile on my face, I waved my hand and said, “Anywhere is just fine with us.” So she led us to a scenic window table. I said, “Oh not today, it is too cold to be by a window.” She led us to a table. I said, I hope this isn’t under a vent or speaker. I am hard of hearing and chill easily.” She relocated us to the booth I wanted all along. We gave our drink orders and while waiting realized it really was COLD in that booth. So we looked around and saw sun streaming on the booth at the end of the room. We moved our flatware and drinks and basked in the sunshine. AND THEN a young couple showed up with a wiry 2 year-old. Out of the entire, virtually empty dining room, the waiter placed them right next to us. I guess he had the last laugh. At least he didn’t spit in my huckleberry margarita. Or, if he did I didn’t know it. That and Len tips very generously.



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