The Pecan Harvest

I never know what is going to put me into overdrive. The past two weeks it has been all about the pecans. I took the golf cart down to the dry creek. Diego would run berserk around the pasture…flushing out birds. He is absolutely gifted in sniffing out pecans. He is sort of like a truffle hog. He finds the pecans buried deep in the grass then eats them. Nina and I went on a field trip to Copperas

IMG_2097.jpgCove, to the P&R Pecan Crackers. I took two boxes (50 pounds as predicted accurately by Max). They had a cool operation in their Mom and Pop garage IMG_2098.jpg industry. They cracked them then put them through a shaker for about a 75% shelling. The rest I did. Yes, I do love to pick up pecans. I am, however, not crazy about shelling. It is a smart move to drive to San Saba or Temple to just buy about 10 pounds. As I anticipated, my pecans are natives and because of inconsistent moisture they are not so meaty…but they are tastier than the hybrids according to Pete of the P&R Co. Although I have all the accouterments to tease out the pieces from the stubborn shells, I am forgoing that satisfaction and tossing it all down at the dry creek for the squirrels. Total yield: 12 pounds


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