Read the Entire Book Before Recommending It

Again, sitting in the library until an internet server decides we are worthy. As it is now, we have been without internet service for almost a month. Luckily our dear Salado Library is quiet and easy enough to get connected. My second trip here today. Maybe we should just not use the Internet…just use old encyclopedias. .

A few years ago someone gave me the book, I Feel Bad About My Neck. I started reading and laughed like a loon. It was hilarious so I bought it for someone with a promise of hilarity. Well-immediately it wasn’t funny at all. This happens too often. So I am not recommending books or movies without some kind of caveat. Seders’ book, Explore Diabetes with Owls stops being funny right before the last ten essays. I couldn’t even get a grin out. Actually it was mean.

I had my annual physical today. My doctor drove an icepick through my ear. Doctors usually say something like, “This might be slightly uncomfortable.” before they pull a chicken out of your nostril…but this came with no warning. I could have fainted. All for a little wax. That is a lesson learned. Happily I am healthy enough albeit chubby. I had my pneumonia booster and hepatitis screening…so I will continue to say, I am currently well.

Last night our Salado Book Club met at Sara’s and discussed Claire of Sea Light. Good book about Haiti. Very good. Then we had major laughs. I will elaborate later…it requires that I take a bedtime selfie.

Time to go home and make Shepherd’s Pie. Tomorrow, Susan Lawson’s French Green Lintel Soup with Porchini Mushroom.

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