I Get so Mad at Me

I have so much to write about and need to write about –so much that I’m surprised I’m not leakin’ sentences. What I have been leakin’ is SNOT.IMG_2428.JPG

So, I am out on the back patio with my hound, a lovely breeze, a Mama screech owl nesting, and a ton of tree pollen.DSC_5108.JPGI am taking a big chance sitting out here for the sake of spring serenity. Also I am drying my hair that is wound up on enormous Velcro rollers. The price I will pay will probably be another two weeks of sinusitis. About every three years, I get a killer episode that lasts at least two weeks. This year I knew at the very minute when I became sick. Just as I was driving onto IH 35 North from the toll road I felt it coming. With that, I have been drippy, croupy, sniffy, sneezy sick. I am done with this. Although with all of this, I have dropped about ten pounds. Happily, I am on the mend. I am full of Doxycycline and at night full of Codeine cough syrup. IMG_2434.JPG Brother Bill, always compassionate, texted me the Camille image.


A couple of weeks ago our Mah Jongg group, minus Jeton, went on a field trip to Wimberly for an overnighter. I facetiously referred to the outing as a tournament on Facebook — that causes a rash of responses. Pretty funny. We played two lengthy sessions of MJ, ate, shopped, talked, and laughed. I lot of chocolate and wine were in the mix. And a crown. Becky’s happily re-located…I(we) miss her. It was so much fun—and good to see Bob—I think I might like to move to Wimberly. Something to think about. The crown made all the difference to winning still another round! IMG_2410.jpg IMG_2418.jpg We take winning very seriously.

Yesterday Foy and I went to lunch at one of his favorite haunts…The Cappachino—there are several in Waco. He was waiting in the lobby of the Hewitt Senior Care Center—sporting a windbreaker and sunglasses-ready to roll and ready to boss. He allowed me to drive by the Stillwell Retirement Center—he is number one on the wait list. I was instructed not to slow down…he didn’t want ‘them’ to see him again so soon. He doesn’t want to seem to eager. Ha. I(we) had a few good laughs about getting him moved in. I suggested he call everyday to see how everyone was feeling…did anyone have a fever, etc. Needless to say, he was recognized by other diners at the restaurant…so he was required to table hop. I waited patiently. Of course, he didn’t introduce me as I was wearing jeans. While having lunch he gave me a run down on why women my age should not wear long hair, or wear shorts. I won’t wear shorts…he can rest easy. He also suggests I wear my hair parted in the middle. As in American Gothic. Anyway, he was in good spirits and is grateful for my little snack bags I bring him. He is happy with olives and cheese but wishes I would make him some more trail mix. I love Foy. Oh. He HAD to have ice cream since the restaurant had no pie but pecan and that he did not want anything to do with. So, I was instructed to only take the access road so we could stop for ice cream. I became heavy handed and said we would get some at Freddy’s next to his residence. Begrudgingly he agreed. We went in and there were 20+ softball players in line before us. I said, “Let’s forget it.” No. We got back in the car and went through the drive through for his double dip. He insisted we park so he could eat in the car. I will go back in a few weeks.

I am ready to break out of this ennui that I am stuck in. I need some happy excitement. Susan S and spousal unit are going to go with us to see Pink Martini in May. I hope I get to participate in the Conga Line. AND-Belinda and I are making our 2016 reservations to do a National Geographic Train tour of Norway. We are taking along our men on this trip. IMG_2457.JPG

I am reading too much…TV too. I read and reallllllllllly liked All the Light You Cannot See. I keep thinking about the characters. It helps that we lived in Germany during the early Occupation years. Leaving Berlin and Ordinary Grace were good too. Grisham’s Gray Mountain was ok. Just completed the US version season 1 House of Cards. The UK version seemed more sinister but I am hooked on this too. A fellow cinephile recommended a new BBC series-Wallander. Very good, filmed in Southern Sweden. I looooooooooves to watch and read in my Sleep Number bed. I crank the head and foot zones up to the top and chill. Len, aka the Prince and the Pea, requires the foot zone level….says he cannot sleep on his stomach bent backward. He hasn’t tried it, so how does he know? I will wait till he is soundly out and snoring then I will grab the remote and jack him up. That cracks me up thinking about it.


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  1. Lou Snn Weaks Says:

    I am sooooo glad I have such an interesting friend!!!!!!!!

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