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EA6F_Pollen_01.jpgIMG_2498.JPGI am still dragging my wagon…I have had this crazy cough too long. Now I keep thinking lung cancer. Do NOT start with the stinkin’ thinkin’, Susan. I saw IMG_2477.JPG four doctors and a nurse practitioner in three weeks…Today was the last of the second set of antibiotics…it is the wretched tree pollen. If I am IMG_2487.jpg allergic to anything it is tree pollen and especially oak. The whole outdoors is gorgeous…if it can bloom- it is blooming now— huisache and oak trees, roses, bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, poppies, bastard cabbage (really the name), etc. I guess I will need to wear a mask.

I went SAT about 9 days ago…Bros. Bill had sinus surgery and I was wanted to help out. I was so busy coughing and hacking that I avoided contact with both Billy and Mom. Luckily Mom’s caretakers were there so my neglect was ok except for the emotional part…I don’t think she really got it though. This is a miserable place for her. Her hearing may be the worst of it. She feels ignored and neglected,


Susan and Bill were in town for a couple of days—I enjoyed having a Mah Jongg brunch here…Susan spent one night before I needed to get to SAT.  

Moma owl is still in her house but no sign of babies yet. She isn’t keeping her head out anymore so I worried that she was gone. Max climbed up and she made her presence known…so maybe she is incubating the eggs?

Len took this photo of Diego….I love it; a bit reminiscent of an Olan Mills portrait. I wish he had on his bow tie.