Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

When I left on Saturday, I could tell you were feeling blue. Then Billy called to tell me you were crying when he came in to check on you. It seems from what you told me and what you told him that you are afraid something will happen to both or one of us. Anxiety is a cursed affliction…it comes up out of the blue and it feels so real. I can speak with certainty since there was a time in my life that I was riddled with anxiety attacks. It took a lot of self-talk, therapy, and reading for me to realize that I can self-regulate to a certain degree. Mom, here is what I want you to know-You will always be cared for to the best of our ability. Here is what I learned…and it is easier said than done. Please do not entertain those thoughts….this is what my old Aggie professor called, “stinkin’ thinkin.” It will immobilize you. I’m a poor one to give advice, I know. I just can’t bear to think of you sad or worried. We will always be there for you. Always.

I think Aida and Mary Louisa are just right for you. They are both so loving and attentive. Dr. Benson was very impressed with Aida at your appointment. He said she was professional—and he wanted to know how we were able to find her. I gave Bros. Bill all the credit as much as it pained me!

I am going to get you a pair of pull on britches…I thought the white ones from Mother’s Day would fit—I think you need a size 4 or maybe a 2! Gosh I wish I could donate some of my fat to you!

The past two days I have been picking peaches off one of the four trees in the garden. It is amazing what rain will do for growth — the other three tress are loaded with small, green, peaches—Max says they will mature later. I sure hope so. I read on the Internet how to ripen peaches gently and it seems to work. You lay a cotton pillowcase or dishtowel down, set peaches 1” apart, stem down, and cover with another cotton dishtowel. The pillowcase works best. So I have four-one quart of slices in the freezer and I’ll do another tomorrow. The deer have eaten all the corn, the beets never did come up, and the bugs ate all the tomatoes and peppers. I won’t have a garden anymore. I am pretty tired of it. I figure those peaches run about $20.00 each when all costs are tallied.

A week later—and today is Billy’s birthday—I think he is 57. I will call him in a bit which may be the first time in years I have remembered.

The broken ankle bones have made me stay close to home. Wearing the boot is essential according to my many nurses, physical therapists, and doctors. I just knew that boot weighed 10 pounds but when I weighed it—only 4. It is hot, hot, hot-and soooooo ugly.

I love you and wish I lived next door to you! I wish I had some screaming interesting news to share but things are just very dull around here!IMG_2629.jpg


3 Responses to “Dear Mom”

  1. Lou Snn Weaks Says:

    It makes me so said to thank of lovely Lee being kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkso sad and probably depressed. Love her and you so much

  2. Lou Snn Weaks Says:

    I’ll try again to make my comment legible. Don’t know what happened. It makes me so sad to think of lovely Lee being sad and probably depressed. Love you both so much.

  3. Nancy Baumann Thurmond Says:

    You are a wonderful daughter! I haven”t seen you in how many years? but I love you!

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