Len and I went to Georgetown yesterday to look at the Texas Brownstone condominiums…four story units with an elevator for each residence. I am smitten with the idea, once again, of downsizing….It all started last week when I went with Belinda to an open house at the Broadway, in San Antonio. I was totally gobsmacked. I wanted that model condo…two bedroom….completely staged for $1.4 million, for one reason….all the drawers, cabinets, and closets were empty. No excesses, no clutter, and no attachments. I hanker for empty. As Mom’s old friend Holly used to say, “When your possessions possess you, it is time to get rid of them.” Amen. I am possessed.


This past week I hosted the Killeen book club…as I call it. I only know about two of the women well….so as to make a good impression, I called in 5 men to refresh my landscape, 1 housekeeper, 1 window washer, 1 handy man, and 1 husband. It worked. Everything looked right and the discussion was good. I managed well even without my goats who were absent. Barbara and Jackie are two of my having goats in my stall. Both friends can step in and ground me. Barbara by quietly adjusting my misdirection and Jackie by listening. And of course, Susan L. my supreme chemo goat. Maybe I should adjust Belinda’s title from hair bitch to hair goat. I will ask her which she prefers!!!

So, I spoke with Camie at length yesterday—person to person rather than person to answering machine. I am grooming a relationship with her answering machine.

She was full of tidbits….mostly animal related. Gus, the newest street cat to take up residence with the Sands, brought in an injured cowbird. Camie removed it to the roof garden for a quiet death in a pot a way from the household pets. Later she found it gimping around attracting carnivore interest. So she took the cowbird to her vet to be euthanized for $8.00. She is such a good person. As I understand it, while she was there she had the vet give her an injection in her butt…and returned on four different days for further antibiotic injections….she was taking in other critters each day so it was sort of like health dove tailing. I have her permission to tell this and I love the story so much.

Last night I watched 5 hours of taped House Hunters International. Just one of my addictions to be included with shopping for earrings and blouses and make up.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 2.55.01 PM.png

I have been reading interesting articles in the NY Times…this makes Len crazy. He thinks I might be planning to vote for Hilary. Anyway, I’m crazy about the daily Mini Crossword Puzzle. The New Republic, November 25, 2013, a great article to read is The Period is Pissed. It is about how using periods can be considered aggressive. Another good article is the February 27, 2015, When Your Punctuation Says It All, by Jessica Bennet. The included cartoon is a partial strip done by Ron Barrett. I also want to read Shady Characters: The Secret Life of Punctuation, Symbols, and Other Typographical Marks. I have close goat friends who are very principled about punctuation…I am not. Apparently too much punctuation indicates I am over eager as opposed to dismissive. Oh my God, the pressure.

Mom has perked up …


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