Len had to wait over the weekend for the bypass. He used the time very smartly to get organized and I think to get used to the idea. He bought dog food for Diego’s stay at the doggie ranch and cat preferred tidbits….There is nothing more mobilizing than a list of chores to get you focused. We even went to Hewitt to take Foy for lunch. I had collected and enormous bag of illegal treats to stash in his room at the nursing home. I called two times to make sure he remembered that we were coming. When I went in to fetch him, he was asleep in his little bed. This happens frequently. The place is pretty much a dull place and he cannot even go outside the building without being signed out…so sleeping makes sense. I soon discovered that he was completely HOARSE…he assured me he was fine but it didn’t sound good. So we drove to Timbuktu to what I believed was his favorite restaurant….it was a fast and poorly timed lunch. Foy couldn’t talk, Len was nervous about catching something from Foy, and I couldn’t hear anything over the din of the other diners The food was only ok. Foy did gesture enthusiastically that he did NOT like my choice of nail polish. We took him back to his facility with his bag of goodies….he was happy, anyway.


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