So, Here is a BIG Story

I am sitting up here in Scott and White’s Cardiac ICU. Here’s how the story goes: While we were in Massachusetts, Len felt more exhausted than he’s been recently—and chest pain and the numbness in his arms and legs was worse. So he called his family physician for an appointment to get an EKG. The EKG came back good and inconclusive so Dr. L. prescribed an active stress test the following day; Len ‘failed’ it….so a cardiac catheterization was ordered for the following morning. Yeowww. Three arteries were blocked; two blocked at 90% and one 95%. And then the triple bypass yesterday morning. Talk about fast and furious. Len did very well. He no longer has a breathing tube, but his throat is sore, of course, and his chest is cut from stem to stern. This was scary and no one would have anticipated this for Len who appears to be very fit. This also explains why he hasn’t been able to ride his bike the usual distances. My advice was bad. Even though I know at least 7 nurses, I had falsely diagnosed the problem and recommended breathing in a paper bag when he felt light headed and tingly….clearly, it was more than hyperventilation. He has one more day here in ICU if all goes well–then he will spend 4 days in the cardiac unit. After that, rehab. Len has been a very good patient. He likes the cardiac surgeon and most of the nurses. When the real pain starts in we may have a different story. Infirmity is indiscriminate and not for the impatient.


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