There can’t be enough pre-planning….We thought we had it covered. Mom said all along she was ok with cremation, and Ft. Sam National Cemetery. That is just the tip of the iceberg. For every decision, twenty more are necessary.

A few years ago, I told Mom we needed to write our obituaries. AND, if she didn’t help me with hers, I said, I was going to make up some lies and put them in print. She would be a burlesque queen. Because she knew I had that capacity she agreed.

I am glad we did it, but sorry I didn’t do more research. For example, the big newspapers charge by word count and photos….makes sense…but how many newspapers and which newspapers? How much detail? How personal?

It is good to know which funeral home…hospice is helpful in that regard. I think if you live in a small town, choice is easy. Friends and family realllllly want to know all the specifics…because they either want to send a memorial or want to carve out time to attend. In our case…..we just don’t know because of cremation schedule and preacher is on vacation.


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