At last, I think all the arrangements are done. I went to San Antonio Wednesday. Thursday was the dedicated day to get things done. Betty suggested we talk to the John Calvin Presbyterian Church secretary first….smart advice. With her information we went to Ft. Sam Houston Cemetery and spoke with a representative—who just happens to be in Becky’s Sunday School Class. He was especially helpful; it is good to have connections. So, we learned that we could not have any service on a weekend…that created a timeline with the church. The memorial service will be Friday at 11:30, church reception provided by the church women, then graveside services at 2:45 at Ft. Sam. A home reception for family and friends at Mom’s after all is finished. This was all accomplished in one day. David and Frances can come, David will play the bagpipes, Frances will sing. Congregational hymn (Holy, Holy, Holy) chosen and flowers selected. Mom will have her own grave and marker because her name would not fit on Daddy’s flat stone. I think this is best anyway. They had been divorced for over 40 plus years and Mom was a veteran in her own right and so entitled to the cemetery.

I have several friends coming in from this area AND Susan and Bill are coming from PA and Becky and Bob and I hope some cousins.


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