Driving Miss Stephie

Last week Stephanie and I took an escape outing from Florida and Texas heat. We save money in a designated savings account so every year or so we can find cooler weather. This year we went to Rhinebeck, NY and stayed at the oldest American Inn, the Beeckman. What oldest means are dark rooms with slopping floors, and many stairs. Sadly, it was rather warm and humid but we still had a grand time…a fair share of belly laughs, fine food and drink, stories, and roaming all over the countryside. Steph doesn’t drive their full sized car much, rather zips around the Villages in her golf cart. I, on the other hand, drive miles and miles every day…so I happily drove and she navigated.


I want to do some ‘deep soul writing’ learned recently during my ‘Journal to Memoirs’ class but I am finding it is hard to get burrowed down to the place that describes my friendship with Stephanie. She is a soul sister. My emotional core gets centered….I really think it is magic how we level our crags and crannies through talk, laughter, and silence.   

Anyway, here are some pictures of our ride-about. We went to Valkills, Eleanor Roosevelt’s cottage, the Vanderbilt mansion grounds, Olana, Frederick Edwin Church’s home and studio, the Hudson Walkway, a former railroad bridge and a mere 212 feet high (OMG we are so brave), and the NY Culinary Institute. There is just too much to do there.   

I think I might like to go again—maybe rent something from VRBO in Hudson, or try a retreat center. There is one in East Meredith, NY where you can stay in a yurt for only $145.00 a night. Definitely I will want to do some train riding up to see Maureen in the Buffalo area…and if that, then surely I need to go on to Niagara. AND, maybe I should also go to the Kripalu Retreat Center in Stockbridge, MA. Once Len and I, along with Carol and Al, stumbled upon it. We went in and walked around…it is huge and everyone seemed very mellow except for us. I spent most of the time in the yoga gift shop. Speaking of shops, I did find a rather nice Indian or Iranian shift at the gift shop at Church’s house. I haven’t mentioned that Church was a genius American landscape artist in the Hudson River Landscape School. Church and his wife looooooved traveling in the Middle East. Steph went along but she’s not too keen on that sort of thing.

There’s just a lot I need to do. At 69 years 11 months, I must get rolling. My dance card isn’t full yet.

IMG_6062.jpg IMG_6066.jpg IMG_5988.jpg IMG_6014.jpg IMG_5958.jpg IMG_6025.jpg


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