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A Few Photos from Mexico

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Although I only managed two and half days prior to falling, I did get to take a few photos. Most importantly, I was able to have a quick visit with Camie. I love her and how happy she is. We had a great cooking class in a private home where we watched, drank, and ate. i want to do that again.

IMG_6335.jpg IMG_6373.jpg

IMG_6420.jpg IMG_6421.jpg IMG_6313.jpg
IMG_6290.jpg I have to get back to San Miguel as soon as possible.

The Pull of Gravity

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Well, this year Mexico was a bust. I did not get but minimal shopping, eating, drinking, smoozing, etc. What is a girl to do? I love San Miguel but I guess I will have to learn to wear dowdy brogans.IMG_6467.jpg   Larry S said it best, “Shoe fashion is not important in San Miguel.” For the record there were other contributing factors. In my golden years I have become very clumsy.

Here is the short story. Babs and I stayed with Lorelei who is an 8 month a year + house sitter. The house is right around the corner from the Parque Juarez…the road is treacherous from the front door to the steps to the park. Giant river rocks as pavers, a steep sidewalk about 18” wide with minuscule, hidden gutters defy an inattentive walker. I am usually so careful and since my broken ankle bones last year I’m vigilant or so I thought. Babs and I were on our way spend a peso or two via the Parque where, coincidently there was an amateur art sale happening. The steps are old and cracked from steady wear and neglect, I suppose. Local artisans were creating a chalk altar on the pavement and had designated two narrow walkways though their creation. Sadly, the walk ways weren’t adequately close to the hand rail. Babs took a happy snap of me descending the stairs. Seconds later I was on my ass…managing to hear a little metatarsal snap. There was much pedestrian ado. I thought I was relatively speaking ok….and continued on shopping even though I was covered in colored chalk. Babs bought a very cool watercolor and I put a deposit on an acrylic that captured by fancy. We trekked on to the Jardin to an ATM machine for cash with her artist helping me a long the way.

I didn’t want to untie my shoe and it only hurt a 4 on a scale of 10. We took a cab out to La Aurura, walked through the artisan market, ate lunch (burger and a tequila IMG_6416.jpg milk shake for me) before it really started to hurt. I knew I was done. All cool events for the afternoon were cancelled for me and Babs, the true friend that stayed with me. I decided a trip to the SMdA ER was necessary. Jeannie S, our tour director drove us and served as an advocate and translator. Great care. I saw an orthopedic MD, had 4 X-rays, and a cotton cast (AKA innovative wrap that kept foot immobilized.) $350.00 US dollars and fast too. I was very pleased with their care.

There was no way I could stay on in Mexico. I would be a disruption* and I’d be miserable, bed ridden and missing all the activities. I was unable to schedule a flight back for the next day so I went the day after. I think all turned out beautifully. I had a private car and driver to the airport and to AA’s credit, superb accommodations. I didn’t have to do any unpacking for customs that I always end up doing, had my own wheel chair and cart driver, etc. OH, and a stranger helped me get to and from the restroom in Dallas. That’s the story of the break.IMG_6460.jpg

I’m now in a boot with a wrapped foot. I have seen to US doctors who have been nice and agreed with everything the ER doctor did. Also, the US urgent care doctor and his nurse, a former military medic, both were duly impressed with the cotton cast. Neither had ever seen anything like it. All is well. I wear this 50 pound boot until Dec 7th and I am not allowed to drive. I made a mistake and let Len go in with me for the orthopedic appointment. The verrrrry handsome MD explained liability if I had a wreck. That was it. So I am land locked and I pretty much hate it. Len is being patient and is kindly taking me on outings but it isn’t the same as having my own ability and independence. Another episode of God’s humbling me.

I wish I had pictures of the ER and doctor but at the time it seemed rather superfluous.

* Good friend and citizen, Barbara took on the responsibility of relocating me in Lorelei’s house. I took over Lorelei’s bed, who was verrry sick and had also been to the ER the same day. Barbara did all my packing upstairs in the casita where we were originally staying. I had loot all over the place and she managed to pack far better than I ever could. She lugged my big suitcase down two flights of stairs, then served me medicinal vodka in my confiscated bed. Is there any further evidence of a kind and good friend? Lorelei slept on the sofa for two nights. I owe them both something wonderful.


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State of the Union

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Rampant skullduggery. Each political party is trying to out do the other with snide, vulgar accusations. I pray long and hard that our citizens will stop supporting the trash talk and put their hearts into noble efforts.