Laid to Rest

IMG_3454.jpgI am finding closure. The stars finally aligned. Ft Sam Houston Cemetery was available the same day the preacher was available. David and Frances were available so the Memorial Service was set into motion. We had the Memorial Service on February 28th at John Calvin Presbyterian Church, followed by a reception in the church hall. Mom preferred a graveside service because she had outlived most of her friends. She had been to several lonely services that made a sad impression on her. To be expected, Billy and I chose to do both. AND she would have been stunned and pleased to have such a turn out. About 60—75 attended which is more than I could hope to have and she was 94 years old! …. she had her loving former Normandy Terrace employees and friends who weren’t restricted by distance, health, or weather. Those who could not attend honored her with donations to their favorite charities….this was just as Mom wanted. We have received beautiful acknowledgements of their generosity and love. In addition, there were beautiful flowers sent by family and friends….and she did love flowers. DSC_5585.jpg

Rev. Peter Haas, the Interim Pastor presided and did a great job….he made his remarks based on our conversations then requested commentary from the congregation…There were lovely and funny stories, many from her employees and colleagues. It was beautiful. I was glad Betty agreed to sit with us and hear how much love and respect they had even from all those years ago. Talk about organizational culture and leadership—they rocked. Many of the long term employees started working at the nursing home as teenagers and continued until retirement.

I felt loved and supported—Cousins, Shawn, Julie, and Jan came from Houston; Susan and Bill from Pennsylvania; Justin from Massachusetts, Becky and Bob from Wimberly; Pat and Nora from Austin; Jackie and John from Killeen, Susan H. from Austin, Belinda, and Mary, as well as several life-long friends of Bills’. My dear Lou Ella W., my friend and former teacher colleague, surprised me at the graveside service. I have seen Lou Ella three times since my wedding 45 years ago….I cried tears of joy to see her again. DSC_5598.jpg

David played his bagpipes—Amazing Grace and Frances sang –she has the voice of an angel. Both these contributions made the services memorable.

Mom would have been so proud and pleased….the Norman adult children were all there. Surely, I am leaving out big points. I was on God’s remote so I didn’t process thoroughly. The good news, I didn’t lose it. Billy and I pulled it off…Len kindly took pictures and the day was done. It was a good day to honor my sweet Mom. Betty said she could not think of a thing she would have wanted different…I liked that. We buried Mom in her new black purse from Nieman-Marcus. She had Kleenex, lipstick, mirror, and a pair of snazzy earrings with her. A good way to go since she never, ever went anywhere without a purse.

FullSizeRender.jpg DSC_5613.jpg DSC_5605.jpg DSC_5589.jpg DSC_5594.jpg

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