Hit and Run: No Serious Casualties

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Len ran over my purse day before yesterday. I was in a huge hurry doing something that I have since forgotten. So I sat my purse down near the garage door and started some chore. Then I went into the house, then ironed, then started cleaning out my closet, then Len came in the house and said, “I ran over your purse.” He really did. Nothing but my hearing aid case and a black plastic serving spoon were destroyed. He wanted to give me a lecture soooooooooo much. I was pleased I didn’t receive a series of tut-tuts.    


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Well, damn. I guess I won’t be able to open a casino or go to law school free. I just knew I was going to be an American Indian or African American. Nope. Just like Daddy used to say, I am Heinz 57. I especially wanted to be a descendent of the Lost Roanoke Colony Indians. These photos were going to be on my Facebook Profile. I’d better refocus my aspirations.   IMG_6175.jpg

Driving Miss Stephie

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Last week Stephanie and I took an escape outing from Florida and Texas heat. We save money in a designated savings account so every year or so we can find cooler weather. This year we went to Rhinebeck, NY and stayed at the oldest American Inn, the Beeckman. What oldest means are dark rooms with slopping floors, and many stairs. Sadly, it was rather warm and humid but we still had a grand time…a fair share of belly laughs, fine food and drink, stories, and roaming all over the countryside. Steph doesn’t drive their full sized car much, rather zips around the Villages in her golf cart. I, on the other hand, drive miles and miles every day…so I happily drove and she navigated.


I want to do some ‘deep soul writing’ learned recently during my ‘Journal to Memoirs’ class but I am finding it is hard to get burrowed down to the place that describes my friendship with Stephanie. She is a soul sister. My emotional core gets centered….I really think it is magic how we level our crags and crannies through talk, laughter, and silence.   

Anyway, here are some pictures of our ride-about. We went to Valkills, Eleanor Roosevelt’s cottage, the Vanderbilt mansion grounds, Olana, Frederick Edwin Church’s home and studio, the Hudson Walkway, a former railroad bridge and a mere 212 feet high (OMG we are so brave), and the NY Culinary Institute. There is just too much to do there.   

I think I might like to go again—maybe rent something from VRBO in Hudson, or try a retreat center. There is one in East Meredith, NY where you can stay in a yurt for only $145.00 a night. Definitely I will want to do some train riding up to see Maureen in the Buffalo area…and if that, then surely I need to go on to Niagara. AND, maybe I should also go to the Kripalu Retreat Center in Stockbridge, MA. Once Len and I, along with Carol and Al, stumbled upon it. We went in and walked around…it is huge and everyone seemed very mellow except for us. I spent most of the time in the yoga gift shop. Speaking of shops, I did find a rather nice Indian or Iranian shift at the gift shop at Church’s house. I haven’t mentioned that Church was a genius American landscape artist in the Hudson River Landscape School. Church and his wife looooooved traveling in the Middle East. Steph went along but she’s not too keen on that sort of thing.

There’s just a lot I need to do. At 69 years 11 months, I must get rolling. My dance card isn’t full yet.

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AncestryDNA Ethnicity

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Maya Angelou: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

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I know this-if I write something out or say it out loud, I understand the issue so much more. Writing is good for me. Yesterday I went to the C. Thompson Conference Center at UT for a class-Journal to Memoirs: Writing from the Soul. I was actually supposed to take a Yoga breathing class but it was cancelled and I am thrilled. I loooooooved this class. I came back absolutely fired up…I should have started reflecting because I already have dumbed up.

Here’s the scoop and it is to help me secrete whatever chemical helps the brain with long term memory. There are journals and there are memoirs…journals are basically private and memoirs are autobiographical and shared.


• Point of view is rather chaotic

• In the present

• Ok to contradict yourself

• Includes dialog, guided images, catharsis, reflection, lists, portraits, unsent letters, dream work, art, etc.

• Written for fun, showing rhythms, life cycle, self-awareness,

• Pre-requisite: desire, time, and discipline

• Important to read other journals

• I need to buy new graphic journal What It IsIMG_6170.jpg

• I am already bored. I hate re-writing notes.


• Point of view is organized

• Edited

• Includes diaries, journal excerpts, transitional entries, quotes, letters, photos, maps, etc.

• For family history, focus life, tie lose ends, sense of personal worth/completion.

• Pre-requisite: Designated audience that will set style and tone. Themes organize journal entries

• Changes in your life- transformations

• OK I am done with this. I feel like I have a blister on my brain.

Here is the new information. If you want to get something published, look at the NEW journals. They are graphic and really all over the place. This is a result of young writers and readers. There is nothing better than a good obstacle for publication potential and of course, SHAME and MISERY! I am now interested in ‘dream work.’ Lord knows, I have plennnnty of material. I think it is a drug I take with side effects of increased OCD and vivid dreams. Really. As time goes by, both attributes are increasing. So I learned about Pillow Books but whoa…I just Googled the term and I see lots of erotica. OK, I won’t do Pillow Books but I like the name as far as dreaming is concerned. Our teacher taught us to write about the environment of our dreams and how to organize our dream journals and how to write haikus from our dream themes. I won’t be able to do that.

Wellllllllll, I re-read this and it certainly is chaotic and doesn’t show why I came back so energized. I did like the writing prompts….drawing a fruit that I am today (Zaftig banana,) the fruit I would like to be tomorrow (Sugar Kiss melon,) and my favorite toy (Madame Alexander doll.) Oh my God, the punctuation is a mess and I am not fixing it….after all this is a journal.

I learned this new word that influences publication



noun: psychographics

The study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research.

All this and yesterday there was magnificent sunset to end an awesome day.IMG_6162.jpg

Labor Day: An After Action Review

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I started being phobic about flying in 1972. I was on my way back from the US to Germany. I was newly married—1 year to be exact. This was in the very olden days when airplanes flew early empty. I am guessing that there might have been twenty people, if that many, on the entire airplane? It was a night flight, dark, and spooky. I had my first of 1,000,000 anxiety attacks. Damned memorable. I was certain that plane was going to crash and burn and take a long time doing it. This was also the beginning of my macabre interest in air crashes. I worked right next to an airfield on Fliegerhorst Kaserne and from my window I had the perfect view of helicopters coming and going. These flying machines really were not supposed to be safe. Basically, I reinforced my anxiety every day. I am like that. Over thinking negative stuff. It is like a computer loop.   

I went to see a psychologist at Scott and White in the early 1980s to see if I could be cured of my fear of flying. He said no. He could cure me of fearing elevators since they were easily accessible but I wasn’t afraid of those. I enjoyed my chat with him so much I stayed on. We became great friends.

Later Susan Lawson found a book at a used book store written by a TWA pilot….this was years ago…maybe in the 80s. I can’t remember the title but it was really cognitive therapy. That book turned my life around—and with drugs I was basically cured. No more anxiety attacks either. Or at least, I say none in years. I am never one to rule out reoccurance. But, yikes, I hope not.

Sooo, for nearly 30 years now, I have been flying all over…drugged but happy to fly….all except in a helicopter.

In the early 2000s, I was a part of the Killeen Leadership Academy. It was pretty cool and unlike many city Leadership Academies, Killeen in conjunction with the Killeen Police Department and Fort Hood let us fire automatic weapons and ride in a Blackhawk helicopter. I jumped at the chance to fire the weapons but couldn’t make myself get in that helicopter. I was so ashamed of myself but there it was…I was still crippled and immobilized with an irrational fear.

I don’t know what made me decide it was time to face the music….I just hate fear baggage and have said too often that the two emotions I detest are guilt and fear. Soooooo, I was driving by the Bell County CARNIVAL and saw that they had helicopter rides were available and I guess I was moved by the SPIRIT!!! I came home and talked Len into coming to take photos.

I will say, I liked it kinda. I held on pretty tight but I never once screamed, cried, or vomited. The scenery was amazing and I plan an additional trip. I would like to fly and land in our pasture. It was pretty cool. Just thinkin’, all though helicopter flying isn’t something I would encounter regularly…it is just the principle of the thing. I let it get bigger and bigger in my head because I fed that fear. Well, now that it is done it seems silly. Very silly. Oh, and no drugs! Yep, I am pretty brave.

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Days Later

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The travel buzz is long gone and I mourn the loss. I always feel a little sharper after travel…all those neurons are all sparkly during and immediately after a trip. It sure doesn’t take much of the mundane to flatten my curiosity.

Today I should stay on the homestead….yesterday I had cosmetic tattooed lash enhancement…supposedly little dots but it appears to be more like a very thin line—that is very good. The color is good for me I think. The IMG_5830 (1).jpg aesthetician says within a month the vegetable based ink will fade by 40%…but after the touch up in 30 days it will last for ages. Post treatment care includes antibiotic ointment applied three times a day and no other eye make up. So housebound except maybe HEB where I am guaranteed to see 100 people I know. I love putting on makeup and especially eyeliner. I think it is like hitting a golf ball….I am just sure that this time I will get it right. The reality is I have such benign (so the doctor says) tremors that the eyeliner ends up all over my eyelids. I have the same issue with lip liner. I made it really clear that I didn’t want to look like a star trek character now and especially when I hit 80.

Other news. Well we are having my bathroom-rejuvenated…paint instead of wallpaper, Mom’s fancy chandelier installed, new quartz tub surround and counter top, and new sink. No big changes in function. We are also getting an outdoor shower installed but not a pretty one… just a showerhead on a tree with a rock floor and only tap water. Any peeping coyote that wants to see either of us naked can. The kitchen is getting a great big light fixture installed over the island since the last one caught on fire. Literally. I have no idea when it will be finished. Maybe never. I will move before I do another remodeling job.

I have been relocating items in my den and replacing the rugs…now I have a really spiffy black and white cowhide and less or maybe more hanging on the walls. I did take down the artificial plants. It hurts me but I know that it only dates me and contributes to breathing problems with dust.