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Back to WORK!

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Being home is such a good thing–I love being gone and I love being home. Ying and yang…that is who I am…hot and cold…on or off!

I am going home tomorrow afternoon so I can take Mom for an unscheduled appoint with Dr. Benson’s nurse practitioner. I pray this is nothing to lose my grip over. Understated.

So, Thursday and Friday I went to work…training of trainers was going on and I am there to let the new recruits know that I will be visiting them during their ‘induction’ year. Yesterday was the first day of the TCI II training of trainers and we are all well acquainted as is evident….Zoe and Sally-belle are perfect for TCI II. Lots of enthusiasm and passion. During the down time I was able to work on the book project for MCEC. It is fun and hopefully, this weekend I will tie it up a bit more.


Home Ec

Zoe brought me this good little article about Home Economics–I love the photo and the content too, of course. I like to say that Martha Stewart is one smart cookie…she took our content and made it into a billion dollar business.


The Land of Enchantment!

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New Mexico Post card.jpegCamel Rock.jpeg

Sunday Belinda and I flew off to Albuquerque, meeting Barbara at the airport…then with Belinda behind the wheel of our rental, we went to Old Town for lunch then more girlee adventures in Santa Fe. We rented an adobe, two-bedroom, townhouse about three blocks from the Plaza. It was cute, Southwestern-Asian, and clean! What more could one ask?

We found Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s so we could supply our campsite (aka the townhouse). Babs, bless her heart, enjoys cooking breakfast so we bought the grub necessary plus some prosecco, wine, coffee, butter, eggs, ginger candy chewies, Vietnamese sesame seed crepes, Nutella, green chilies, etc. All these items I consider standard camp grub.


In need of dinner nutrients, we ate at Maria’s where we enjoyed chili rellenos and only one of the 100 REAL, award-winning Margaritas. I had the frozen version with a subsequent brain freeze—and I drank it slowly.  

By this time I started noticing the unpleasant but familiar stabbing in my intestines…the wicked diverticulitis….or was it the jeans I thought were fitting me, but were in fact working as a waist tourniquet!? I took truckloads of Advil and Emergen-C. OK, no gastro-intestinal details.

Next day—verrrrrrry busy: We had a great, Barbara-prepared breakfast. I limited my sesame seed and green chilies intake. After breakfast, a tradition, I hope, was established. Belinda responded to my call for hair braiding. She did it and did it again and did it again. She even seemed to like it. This is good. It is all part of my new ethnic look and think I might look a little like Pocahontas. DSC06536.JPG

Then a quick road trip to Chimayo where we visited El Santuario de Chimayo, sometimes called Lourdes of America. It was very interesting–all kinds of crutches and braces and religious accoutrements. I found a very nice selection of saint cards too. I just couldn’t pass up St. Liberata (invoked against unwanted suitors and burdensome husbands), St. Joseph of Cupertino (patron of flying), nor St. Bibiana (invoked against hangovers)! It is often said that Chimayo has ‘Holy Dirt’ and you are encouraged to take some–and I did–already nestled onto my den altar…



Suitors And Husbands flying hangover

On the way back to Santa Fe, we fell into what appeared to be a speed trap (4 units waiting and a man holding what looked like a homemade radar gun) by a tribal police force. Seemingly, we were exceeding the posted speed. Hmmm, can’t say for sure. At any rate, the officer, asked for the usual documentation while writing Belinda up….and only at the very end, he voided the ticket with a flair and introduced himself as the Chief of Police. We were gracious and humble and grateful and drove slowly off of the reservation.

At 2:00, we were at the Santa Fe Cooking School where Babs had set us up to do a Restaurant Crawl….or Food Crawl. We went to four different, well-known, local restaurants to meet the chefs. Once there, each offered us a full portion of one of their specialties, paired with a divine beverage! Hmm, hmm, good. The  menu, so to speak, follows: Mini, gourmet, pulled-duck sloppy joes, Halibut Cevache in a corn tortilla shell cup, gazpacho, ruby trout fillet stuffed with lemon and basil (baked in a mud shell) with risotto, and finally an apricot upside down cake made with corn meal. Each stop had a tasty beverage. Divine experience.

DSC06555.jpgDSC06571.JPG DSC06570.JPGDSC06575.jpg


Quickly back to our camp for a siesta. By then my diverticulitis was rockin’. We dressed and attended the Santa Fe Opera’s last performance of the season, The Magic Flute. The setting was exquisite. A lot of lightening in the background and a major cool front blew in. We had done our homework and brought lots of layers to keep warm. I was having huge diverticular discomfort. Home and to bed with a handful of Advil.

Our final full-day was devoted to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and shopping after a leisurely breakfast and hair braiding. It was very pleasant and satisfying!. Lots of Loretta Young/Southwest skirts, and cowgirl outfits. The procurement of costumes served as a sign that I was on the road to recovery. O'Keefe brochure.jpeg

I’ve gone in to more detail than I meant…it was fun, fun, fun and a grand, grand outing even with a knot in my guts. It is hard to bring a travelin’ band of amigas down.

MCEC Conference and the Giant Knee.

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flag national harbor.png

National Harbor, MD can be verrrrrrry hot and humid like a pressure cooker. Fortunately we were inside nearly every minute. The MCEC conference is becoming more and more spectacular. This year Dr. Biden, as in VP of AMERICA‘s wife, Dr. Biden, was there along with the elegant Alma Powell, Colin Powell’s wife. Also all the Joints Chief of Staff….do I have my plural s in the right place? Does it matter? Anyway, all these folks were there so we had lots of security.patty with elmo.png web.jpg


Belinda P. and I were roommates–it was great to visit and catch up on subjects we often can’t cover in limited timed opportunities. We are planning a trip to Big Bend in the fall and maybe Santa Fe sooner.

The conference work was more enjoyable than ever…seemed to me it was better organized and more manageable than in the past. I am a grunt worker and that suits me. I did do a mini presentation at their EXPO on digital photo books. Surprisingly there was a good bit of interest…I thought about 75 people but maybe it was more like 50. I am trying to be more conservative. The presentation was come and go so it worked out nicely. In addition, I was part of the Purple Apron Cadre which meant I did introductions, passed out papers and pompoms, and had a ball visiting with buddies. I had a reoccurrence of the Giant Knee Syndrome (GKS) from standing on the concrete floor at the EXPO center for three hours. This means I can’t exercise and will not lose weight. It also means I am walking like Chester in Gunsmoke. Grrrrrrrrrr. mary\.jpg

Coming home I sat next to Mary K from DFW to GRK… she is so busy–I miss our visits and brainstorming……but we crammed in good talk while zipping through the air…

Susan EXPO.jpgDSC06450 DSC06454

Peaches, Pineapple Vinegar, and Salsas!

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IMG_1098DSC06466Still in a frenzy of peach pickin’ and preservin’. I spent years wishing I was trained in some other field besides “Home Economics” as it was called in the olden days. I was probably the worst of all the critics….now, puff, I love everything about the curriculum we used to have. I love what it once was. I love knowing about family dynamics more than any thing…and in my next life that will be my vocation. But maybe in my next life we will all be robots and the dynamics will involve the relationship between bolts and hinges. Anyway, back to Home Ec…I love knowing and learning about living spaces, color, child development, food preparation, and some consumer things….spending mostly.

I recently brewed/fermented some pineapple vinegar to use as a marinade. Len is trying it out on his chicken….he is kindly trying it out for my sake. I make these kinds of things and give them away but I never want to do anything with them….just make them.

I should have had a big fit the day before I went to the MCEC conference. I had sqqqqquuuuuueeeeeezed in the purchasing and the preparing of tomatoes from the Belton Farmer’s Market so I could make, what I consider to be, very good salsa. All done very nicely with little time to spare before I packed. I was using propane, one of my natural enemies, to get the water bath going. And, very foolishly, yes, I knew better, I used a wobbly basket to carry the hot jars into the house. Just as I anticipated, but ignored, all jars fell to the stone walk…and broke into smithereens. DSC06445 I think beta blockers have dulled my senses. My think bubble only said, “I knew better.” No expletives!

Lunch with the Foy and Library Board Doings…

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DSC06441I love Foy. I also love to make Foy crazy. We had a very nice visi and lunch at Adelea’s ..he came early, of course, so I made him sit in the living room and look at my photo books while I combed my wiry hairS…then pushed them (wiry hairS) under my hat. Mostly we talked of SMdA and what we like about it and what we don’t. Mostly we like. I have this sudden idea: I am going to try to find a photography tutor or class while we are in SMdA this year…very cool. I hope I can make that happen.

Business is speeding up on the Library Board…we are collecting RFQs to see about increasing size of the library or building a new library. It is interesting and Bob is helping us to do it the right way.

On a Serious Note

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I have just finished taking the very long Defensive Driving Online course. I whined about it in an earlier entry. I am going to review my notes then take the exam–of course, I am nervous about taking any kind of exam and especially now because there was so much information covered and frankly it was all very sobering…no pun intended. The content was really what I needed and I think it was better to suffer through it because I thought so much about the content. Especially the donor information*–and the stats regarding alcohol and driving…which I do not do, thank you God. Part of the presentation made me cry. During one of the many, many breaks I took, I went in and seriously reminded Len that I want any usable organs or tissue donated. He get’s it and Scott and White does have my power of attorney and medical preferences. I am worried that my organs might be too old and tough. I hope not.

I am always so glib about my little journal and silly; I admit it. I don’t really want to bare open my soul in my journal because it isn’t under lock and key or buried in an undisclosed bunker, and obviously, it is posted on the internet! Here are some of the reasons I steer away from serious topics–

1. I have some serious character flaws that need not be reviewed even by dear friends and family! In case they hadn’t noticed them previously.

2. The flaws change from time to time…the cumulative factor could put off even dear friends and family…

3. Writing my truth today might not be my truth tomorrow and

4. Maddie Lee taught me never put anything in writing that I wouldn’t want read in court.

• Texans can register to be a certified donor at


What does a Defensive Driving Class have in common with a Weight Watcher’s Class?

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images.jpegPPPPPPPunishment for sins. The Catholics should have a look at the format for these two sessions for penance. This defensive driving class is almost as mind numbing as writing sentences in 3rd grade….

  1. I will not talk in class.
  2. I will not talk in class.
  3. I will not eat cookies.
  4. I will not eat cookies
  5. I will not eat cookies.
  6. I will not speed.
  7. I will not speed.
  8. I will not speed.
  9. I will not speed.
  10. I will not speed.
  11. I will not speed.
  12. I will not speed!
  13. I am soooooooo sorry I talked in class, ate cookies, and speeded. Is that evan a word?