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I Get so Mad at Me

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I have so much to write about and need to write about –so much that I’m surprised I’m not leakin’ sentences. What I have been leakin’ is SNOT.IMG_2428.JPG

So, I am out on the back patio with my hound, a lovely breeze, a Mama screech owl nesting, and a ton of tree pollen.DSC_5108.JPGI am taking a big chance sitting out here for the sake of spring serenity. Also I am drying my hair that is wound up on enormous Velcro rollers. The price I will pay will probably be another two weeks of sinusitis. About every three years, I get a killer episode that lasts at least two weeks. This year I knew at the very minute when I became sick. Just as I was driving onto IH 35 North from the toll road I felt it coming. With that, I have been drippy, croupy, sniffy, sneezy sick. I am done with this. Although with all of this, I have dropped about ten pounds. Happily, I am on the mend. I am full of Doxycycline and at night full of Codeine cough syrup. IMG_2434.JPG Brother Bill, always compassionate, texted me the Camille image.


A couple of weeks ago our Mah Jongg group, minus Jeton, went on a field trip to Wimberly for an overnighter. I facetiously referred to the outing as a tournament on Facebook — that causes a rash of responses. Pretty funny. We played two lengthy sessions of MJ, ate, shopped, talked, and laughed. I lot of chocolate and wine were in the mix. And a crown. Becky’s happily re-located…I(we) miss her. It was so much fun—and good to see Bob—I think I might like to move to Wimberly. Something to think about. The crown made all the difference to winning still another round! IMG_2410.jpg IMG_2418.jpg We take winning very seriously.

Yesterday Foy and I went to lunch at one of his favorite haunts…The Cappachino—there are several in Waco. He was waiting in the lobby of the Hewitt Senior Care Center—sporting a windbreaker and sunglasses-ready to roll and ready to boss. He allowed me to drive by the Stillwell Retirement Center—he is number one on the wait list. I was instructed not to slow down…he didn’t want ‘them’ to see him again so soon. He doesn’t want to seem to eager. Ha. I(we) had a few good laughs about getting him moved in. I suggested he call everyday to see how everyone was feeling…did anyone have a fever, etc. Needless to say, he was recognized by other diners at the restaurant…so he was required to table hop. I waited patiently. Of course, he didn’t introduce me as I was wearing jeans. While having lunch he gave me a run down on why women my age should not wear long hair, or wear shorts. I won’t wear shorts…he can rest easy. He also suggests I wear my hair parted in the middle. As in American Gothic. Anyway, he was in good spirits and is grateful for my little snack bags I bring him. He is happy with olives and cheese but wishes I would make him some more trail mix. I love Foy. Oh. He HAD to have ice cream since the restaurant had no pie but pecan and that he did not want anything to do with. So, I was instructed to only take the access road so we could stop for ice cream. I became heavy handed and said we would get some at Freddy’s next to his residence. Begrudgingly he agreed. We went in and there were 20+ softball players in line before us. I said, “Let’s forget it.” No. We got back in the car and went through the drive through for his double dip. He insisted we park so he could eat in the car. I will go back in a few weeks.

I am ready to break out of this ennui that I am stuck in. I need some happy excitement. Susan S and spousal unit are going to go with us to see Pink Martini in May. I hope I get to participate in the Conga Line. AND-Belinda and I are making our 2016 reservations to do a National Geographic Train tour of Norway. We are taking along our men on this trip. IMG_2457.JPG

I am reading too much…TV too. I read and reallllllllllly liked All the Light You Cannot See. I keep thinking about the characters. It helps that we lived in Germany during the early Occupation years. Leaving Berlin and Ordinary Grace were good too. Grisham’s Gray Mountain was ok. Just completed the US version season 1 House of Cards. The UK version seemed more sinister but I am hooked on this too. A fellow cinephile recommended a new BBC series-Wallander. Very good, filmed in Southern Sweden. I looooooooooves to watch and read in my Sleep Number bed. I crank the head and foot zones up to the top and chill. Len, aka the Prince and the Pea, requires the foot zone level….says he cannot sleep on his stomach bent backward. He hasn’t tried it, so how does he know? I will wait till he is soundly out and snoring then I will grab the remote and jack him up. That cracks me up thinking about it.

Read the Entire Book Before Recommending It

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Again, sitting in the library until an internet server decides we are worthy. As it is now, we have been without internet service for almost a month. Luckily our dear Salado Library is quiet and easy enough to get connected. My second trip here today. Maybe we should just not use the Internet…just use old encyclopedias. .

A few years ago someone gave me the book, I Feel Bad About My Neck. I started reading and laughed like a loon. It was hilarious so I bought it for someone with a promise of hilarity. Well-immediately it wasn’t funny at all. This happens too often. So I am not recommending books or movies without some kind of caveat. Seders’ book, Explore Diabetes with Owls stops being funny right before the last ten essays. I couldn’t even get a grin out. Actually it was mean.

I had my annual physical today. My doctor drove an icepick through my ear. Doctors usually say something like, “This might be slightly uncomfortable.” before they pull a chicken out of your nostril…but this came with no warning. I could have fainted. All for a little wax. That is a lesson learned. Happily I am healthy enough albeit chubby. I had my pneumonia booster and hepatitis screening…so I will continue to say, I am currently well.

Last night our Salado Book Club met at Sara’s and discussed Claire of Sea Light. Good book about Haiti. Very good. Then we had major laughs. I will elaborate later…it requires that I take a bedtime selfie.

Time to go home and make Shepherd’s Pie. Tomorrow, Susan Lawson’s French Green Lintel Soup with Porchini Mushroom.


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Home is a good place to be—when I come back from a trip it takes me at least a week to get sorted out…laundry, suitcases, calendar, chores, weight management, etc. Add to those stressors (?) a trip to SAT to let Mom know I wasn’t killed in Mexico…or that I didn’t run off with a bandito(s)…Since the beginning of time I have felt burdened by the most mundane chores. If I put something on a list, I’m shackled until the task is completed. It is ridiculous…and inherited from my Dad. IMG_2339.jpg

So, home it is. Today I did lab work at 8:00 am. I took a NAP from 10-1!!! The magical world of San Miguel is in my rear view mirror…I am already clouded by the dust of my memory machine. This was the second trip to the San Miguel Writer’s conference—which wasn’t as absolutely fabulous as last year’s event. The weather was brrrrrr cold and wet, which meant I had to squeeze all my shopping, and exploring into two days. Dennis and Gay met us for dinner one night…they are a big part of my SMdA context. Camie and I ate at Berlin and also Café Rama and the three (including Larry) of us ate at The Rosewood the last night. This was a quiet trip—soothing and still. I read Girl on the Train obsessively and took wonderful long siestas with cats and dogs on my bed. Larry cooked for us the best of comfort food. He also brought us BOTH flowers on Valentine’s Day! Sure is divine to be a guest in their casita.


And why would anyone want a guest room if they could have a casita? No sitting on the side of a bed with the door closed so not to be under foot. No interrupting hosts to ask for a cup of tea. No noise. It is just perfect. I enjoyed the great bedroom and vanity, a bed with a heating mattress pad, cats and dogs for naps, lots of electrical outlets for my beauty paraphernalia, my own garage opener, fireplace, WI-FI, a kitchenette complete with snacks, a view, flowers, koi, cable TV, movies, great natural light for makeup application, and a complete bathroom. Added to this, Larry is a fabulous cook, florist, banker, and advisor. Yep, I want a casita for my infrequent guests or I want to live with Camie and Larry, et al in the casita.IMG_2325.jpg


Once home, I made a quick overnighter to see about Mom. Well, she is never going to be better and will only get worse–a sad commentary. I focus on how she was and her big contributions not only to her family but also to her country. I love that my Mom is a vet. Billy has arranged for a helper to come in three times a week….Ada does laundry, cooking, bathing and dressing. Mom seems to be OK with it because she knows the alternative is a nursing home. Mom is moderately interested in my Mexico experiences…well, she can’t hear so maybe she is more interested than I think. Because of her hearing, she just fills in the blanks… this is dangerous.

My new vocabulary words: kümmerspeck, brotberuf, jeremiad, and Misophonia. The first two are German idioms that I looooooove. I can remember German words easily compared to English. I struggle with words like cat in my mother tongue. So, kümmerspeck is a condition…getting fat from grief with bacon in the mix and brotberuf is another idiom for a daily work…like a blue-collar job, I think. The first I can work into idle chitchat but the second will be more of a challenge. Jeremiad is a prolonged lament—I am thinking like a filibuster. The last word: Misophonia is the visceral response to sounds like smacking lips, sniffing, sneezing, and I imagine farting. Mosophonia will be easy to talk about but what I really want is to snuff Susan Lawson by using it in Words with Friends! I live to beat her!!!IMG_2274.JPG

My impressions of the conference: I won’t be writing a book, and probably not even a short story, and definitely no poetry….well maybe a tasteless limerick. I might be able to conjure up enough sentiment to write an essay. If I have any writing talent it is the ability to convey my VOICE. Referred to as POV-point of voice not privately owned vehicle. I attend the conference like I do cooking classes. The experience is a floorshow…not necessary to come back an epicurean but better able to make clever conversation. Of course, clever conversation requires an audience—so that means either at Mah Jongg, Happy Hour, or in the chemo center where listeners are captive. It is hard to break away from a bore when you are attached to an IV pole. My audiences are not sufficiently enchanted with my antics and always hope for the short version. I wish I had a talk radio show. Live on Riotous Radio, Salado’s KOFF or WDUM, Susan Krals Speaks.

OK, back to the conference. My workshops-Telling the Truth in a Memoir Writing and Selling a Killer Short Story, Finish Your Novel the TV Way, Using the Tools of Journalism to Write the Memoir, See the World-Craft the Story: Composing the Travel Essay, Building the Bear: Evoking and Organizing the Fiction Draft, and How to Write Funny. So, I sat and listened as a reader and watched people. I did learn and I felt scintillated by the originality of these people….I mean it, I spend most all the time around people that are not too different than I am. Yes indeed, the conference is a stimulating and a safe experience for me. Whereas Camie, often attends writing classes and knows all this stuff, I never have and surely won’t. I don’t like accountability or practice. Just as I secretly think I could paint one great oil on canvas, I prefer to think, I have the POTENTIAL to write one clever essay….but I sure don’t want to risk failure…so I just fancy myself capable and that is satisfaction enough.

I saw the iconic Gloria Steinem who looks fab for a woman in her 80s. She is just as liberal as expected and I give her credit for being a maven. I think she said, ‘The Kardashians are a set back for the women’s movement. They will be embarrassed if they ever get smart. Like Donald Trump.’ I think Steinem said that. Alice Walker was interesting too….I think she is a new lesbian and an activist opposing female genital mutilation. Like who wouldn’t? At the end of her interview, we could ask questions. After a series of anticipated questions, an African (I think Muslim?) man asked how it was that it is ok to circumcise males but it isn’t ok to ‘circumcise females.’ Hello. He asked this in a room of about 90% females…I am surprised he wasn’t eviscerated on the spot. Tracy Chevalier, author of Girl with the Pearl Earring seems like a gal who would be fun to know. I can’t remember any of her talk…she just seemed like a normal gal.

Some things I wrote down….I don’t know that I even know why.Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 11.47.21 AM.png IMG_2340.JPG

• Writing is making the invisible-visible.

• Consider the politics of language

• Brains are organized around image and narrative.

• Laughter is an orgasm of the mind

• You can’t pray unless you can’t laugh

• The way people look does not tell how they think

Hmmmmm, what else? Oh yes, Doc Severenson also uses a CPAP machine. I queued up directly behind him to get on the plane. He was about to trip over the shoulder strap when I made my move. “Doc, be careful you might trip on your CPAP machine.” He looked up and smiled. I showed him mine. This was a very intimate celebrity moment.

Anne Lamott said, “…no one needs to watch the news every night, unless one is married to the anchor.” I need to tell Len this. Amen.

IMG_2278.jpg IMG_2319.JPGIMG_2239.jpg  IMG_2304.jpg IMG_2214.jpg

If I Don’t Write Tonight I Will POP: In Dire Need of a Catharsis or Is It Purging?

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B86ABDCC-8BDB-49B1-AB94-BC1DCD30B0E5.jpeg IMG_0166.JPG IMG_1785.jpg

I have been home two days and of those two days, I slept 12 hours and volunteered at the hospital for four hours….so little time for an after-action review.

I will be making Korean Lettuce Wraps like Barbara ate at La Aurora or my version, anyway. I coveted her lettuce wraps.



I hate trying to extract each bit of minutia – because I probably don’t have the ability and will it make a difference? The flight to BJX was greatly improved as AA is flying clean, new airbuses…and I received an upgrade. I am determined to use up my AA segments before they change the rules. This can happen at any time. I think there is software that finds new angles to gyp frequent flyers. Must consider how paranoid that sounds! AND on the way home, the flights from DFW were delayed 4 hours…so David, Alex, and I had two meals and good visitation at the BJX airport. When I finally made it to DFW, I had missed all flights to Killeen so I spent the night at the airport Hyatt—comfortable and verrrrrry expensive.

I am very taken with young Alex Stone, David Stone’s son. He is 37 and his own man. I like meeting adult children of people I know but not their kids. This sentence makes

IMG_1672.jpgIMG_1677.jpgNO sense. It is like when I finally met Jackie’s twins and Barbara’s Michalel. It is a new big dynamic. I shared a van with them to SMdA.

Barbara came in later in the day – Babs and I stayed on what I think is the northwest side of town…Organos 5…pronounced like the organ liver. The modernish house was very central and only 3 blocks from the Jardin. This was a very nice, eclectic house, albeit dark. The off site owners may be Canadian…we shared the property the last two days with a couple renting the attached casita. I barely laid eyes on them. Precious Dennis and Gay came out of retirement to be our off site hosts….they were/are perfect.



IMG_1943.JPG IMG_0170.JPG

I will make myself crazy trying to sequence the events so I will clump all together by category!   Camie knows no limits….how is it possible to keep upgrading the DOD tour? We had lots of new things to do…and the few oldies but goodies, Barbara and I just skipped. We did not go to the sugar market, the pilgrimage to the Panteon, La

IMG_1764.jpgGruta, church, nor the field trip to the country. We did our own outing to the artesan market and shopping in general in the Centro, IMG_1756.JPG organic market and well, any where they sold things and we were present…We went with the tour to different casas for comidas….all the houses were spectacular with magnificent catering. Open bar….always popular, and the face painting/altar-building/mariachi band/mojijanga event was just plain over the top wonderful! Oh, we went to a Sazon cooking class with the Sierra Nevada’s chef! It was the best yet…we all were able to participate and we were introduced to some new techniques and food items (corn smut). Gay and Dennis took us to visit the mask museum at the Casa de la Cuesta B&B. It appears to be the top rated B&B or waaaaay up there. This is was some kind of impressive mask museum.

Soooo, we had many new experiences and all grand. Jewelry and blouse shopping, divine food and drink, and maaaaaarvelous visits with old and new friends. What’s not to like?

IMG_1702.jpgIMG_1900.JPG IMG_1892.jpg


Foy suffered from one stroke and probably several TIAs leading up to the stroke. I can’t say enough about the care that his hosts provided as well as Camie and Larry, et al. Foy was understandably reluctant to give in to waning health but at several events he required assistance and care….EMS….etc. It was always frightening and he was always unwilling to take advice. His traveling days are done. We didn’t know if he could make the flight back to Texas but he did make it with the assistance of the airline and another tour member was on the same flight. I know she didn’t want that responsibility. I am realllllllly abbreviating all that surrounded his ‘spells’ in SMdA. He has now finished three days at Hillcrest Hospital in Waco and moved to a rehab center for the next 20 days. He will not like this. I spoke with Doris, his sister in law from Corpus Christi, today. The doctors say Foy can no longer live alone. His brother, Burt, will be moving him to assisted living or a nursing home in Corpus Christi. My heart breaks. Really breaks. Effectively, I’ve lost Lolly and now Foy. I feel like I should recount each episode but it somehow seems wrong and it stings too much. This is what happens. I’m cried out and empty. I think I am getting to the front of THE LINE and it doesn’t feel good.


What have I learned? Keep having estate sales, maintain my MedJet membership, go like crazy; laugh like a loon, speak up about perceived bull shit, and love up on my dear family and friends. Dance during good weather, beg God to make you some kind of moderate Moonie, and possibly relocate during summer.

Photos will just have to be stacked because there are so many and I want to edit but just not enough time to make me look like Betty Grable. I think I am Olive Kitteridge.

I have to go to bed. Every single night of my life Len asks me what time I want to get up and it is a loaded question. He and Diego take it as a personal challenge to wake me up with lots of enthusiasm . Tomorrow I hit the road early for SAT. I am glad Len takes such loving care of me.

On My Way To San Antonio I Met a Young Woman at the Shell Station. She Had Spunk

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I was getting petrol in Jarrell — there was a young woman pumping gas into her Jeep that was towing a JetStream. I made some small talk and low and behold she had 5, count them, five rescue dogs and one cat in that car. I told her she had spunk…she said she was like her Grandmother…she had just been visiting her….She had gutted and remodeled the 1959 the JetStream . I told Suz that she reminded me of Francis—and her hope to grow up in a RV traveling around writing with a few dogs. This is for you Francis. Go forth and conquer. I am sending you a blank journal so you can get started. By the way, the cat was verrrrry relaxed and asleep in the back set on a velvet cushion. The jeep was FULL of pillows and eider down comforters with only the driver’s seat empty. Those critters had a great ride. IMG_1269.jpg

TOC Part I

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Last entry I made a table of contents—really just things I thought I might write about…now I feel compelled to cover them all or I will be backing off something I said I would do which is a huge no-no for me. So I will plow through and it won’t make sense because I waited too long for writing. Grrrr.


When I was in SAT last week I wanted to take Mom to the Pearl Farmer’s Market—Mom was having a bad day and just couldn’t pull it off. She needs 4 hours to build up her stamina to go out and she had a late start…if she feels rushed it is a double whammy for her. So we will do that another time. I was hell bent though to take her to the Humane Society the following day because I thought she would like it and she did—a lot. The facility was sooooo nice and totally unlike the ‘animal defense league’ that I remembered. It was clean, no odors, attractive, and the critters were housed beautifully and with sensitivity. It was kinda difficult getting Mom in because I didn’t use my best parking judgment. I had to take her transport chair and push it over lumpy ground that ended up really hurting her. Once inside it was really fun…we had private glassed in rooms to sit and play with a kitten. Later we went into a larger glassed in area with cat ‘trees,’ toys, and swings…with mature cats… nice, but nothing as alluring as time with a frisky kitten. I was able to get some great pictures too. The dog units were pretty loud as expected so we didn’t stay too long there. It was a great outing…except for the bumpy ride inside.

Being at Mom’s is challenging. First it is dark….I am used to my bright home. It is also extremely loud because the TV volume is set at the high end because of Mom’s deafness. I should wonder, since I am seriously hearing impaired…but she is stone deaf. Then it is HOT….Mom is so pitifully thin—no fat so she is always cold…very, very cold. This is her reality….When I go to Mom’s I take a fan, borrow a fan from Billy, and use the ceiling fan in the bedroom….and I am burning up. What’s my point? I am blessed to have time with her and my silly complaints make me a small person. I know it, I live with it, and I am miserably ashamed of it. Time with her is NOT about me.

On the way to the farmer’s market I saw the marquee in front of the Lion’s Park that said, ‘Tonight Ukulele Jamming and Sing Along.’ I was so excited…this is just what I needed to perk me up—sitting around singing “Shine on Harvest Moon”, “Home on the Range”, and the “Yellow Rose of Texas”…..maybe even “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain!” While Mom napped, I Googled the SAT Ukulele Club and then gave them a call. Curses. The signage was from the day before I read it. Damn. I was so pumped. Well, I am not to be discouraged—I will go next month and with a little encouragement I may take up the Uke. I was telling the MJ girls about it today. The Ukulele web site promoted learning to play—touting the convenience of the small size and how you could easily practice on road trips! I had to laugh. Len trapped in the car listening to me belt out “Mares Eat Oats and Does Eat Oat and Little Lambs Eat Ivy.” Sure. He would murder me. When I built my dulcimer in 1985, the kit came with a learn-to-play book. I practiced “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain” night and day. After a day or two, Len asked that I play in the guest bedroom then later would I mind playing outside. He is not a connoisseur of the dulcimer-I am not sure if it was my musical acumen on the dulcimer or my voice!

I am not a patient person. When I am in SAT, I cope by eating, drinking, shopping, and reading. I wouldn’t mind smoking again. I pray to God, this doesn’t show on my face but I fear it does…hence the comment Mom made last week….she said something to this effect, “You know I lost my Mom early….I didn’t have the opportunity to be with her during her old age.” She knows how to make a point and she does NOT mince words these days. I straightened up right quickly! I love her and I was acting out and she let me know it.

I think it would help if I had a beautiful faith…I want to be something…a Buddhist, Holy Roller, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Catholic, or Episcopalian—something. I have been fighting being agnostic since the beginning of my spiritual awareness. I don’t want to be a snake handler. I sure do connect with Anne Lamott.

I just reread this. Like Bridget Jones’ Note to Self: I must go back to school and learn about quotation marks.

A Serious Day of Putzing

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I haven’t written in ages. More and more I put off writing; no excuse; no interest. It looks like I won’t be another Pearl S. Buck after all. In about an hour I need to be coiffed, buffed, and girded so I can head for the El Chico’s in Killeen for the June birthday soiree.

Meanwhile I have put in a full Home Ecesque day. I picked figs, planted 10 ferns, made a vat of this year’s potatoes into salad, emptied the dishwasher, and yesterday I made fig preserves for Mom……and more things I can’t recall….and I don’t give a damn. Just a little aggression there.

So what needs to be noted since July 5th? I do a lot of errands and if there is ever a career I am best suited to do–it is errand running. I like a good list of menial tasks and I love scratching them off the list. Since the last entry I have mostly readied myself for the big very big San Francisco outing with Stephanie. I have no idea when we started this travel fund…maybe 6 or 7 years ago….we each contribute $300.00 a year into our savings account. Over the years we have made small withdrawals for airfare to visit each other but this is the first big trip. We had one mutual goal: to be cool. So we had a week in SF at the Marine Memorial Hotel…on Mason and Sutter just about two blocks from Union Square. IMG_1072.jpg


This is a great hotel for the money – not at all a ritzy place—pretty much high-end, BOQ. Lots of chandeliers, swags, and leather—but over and over a great location, huge, made-to order, never-ending breakfast and a 4-6 free happy hour. What more can I say? Also totally pet friendly. It is a big wedding venue. Although I believe anyone can stay there, if you are a member you get great prices….We had a one bed room suite that was enormous. Ok, so what did we do? Well Steph and I talked and talked and talked and laughed and laughed. I love the laugh purges. IMG_1024.JPG

We did China Town, Sausalito, ferry ride, city tour, walking tour, shopping, and eating. AND-because we started this tradition 20 years ago when we stayed at Ft Mason, we wear gardenias….Al, the oldster in the photo has been selling flowers at the same stall on Union Square for 67 years!!@!! I’d say that is job loyalty. Oh yes, Steph said that all she wanted to do was be cool, eat, and drink. We did it right. One day we walked 7 miles….and there is something good to say about SAS cute sandals….No blisters, no hobbling, no complaining. I am not going to do an essay on each day….it was just so delightful…never higher than 70 with beautiful sunny skies. My hair was HIDEOUS. I had the bad perm look the entire time. The first night we were there, at happy hour, of course, our next-to-us table mate asked about my fit bit pedometer….from there we bonded with the three of them….Matt, Sandra, and Carmen. He is a AF contractor, she is an AF trauma doctor, and Carmen is a beautiful little 5-year-old. They were on their way to Lakenheith AFB, UK. We all loved each other….it was so much fun….she was smitten with my turban so I did a head wrapping on her right there at the table. There is simply no better place to wear a silk rag turban than in San Francisco. I received TONS of compliments. If I wore it here, I’d be stoned and or shunned! Anyway, I hope they love their four years in the UK….they are so cute and good parents. I did a big MCEC commercial – bookmarking the web site on her home page.

We did eyeglass shopping at See…and both of us are very pleased….

So Steph and I had our reprieve from the miseries of hot, humid weather. I think Len and I are going to meet them in Asheville NC, area next month to look for rentals. A ROAD TRIP! I hope Len and Sarge will get to do some golfing….Steph and I will have about $900.00 at the end of this month and must save our money for another big trip maybe in a couple of years.

Today I want a fun, light-weight, temporary job. Strictly temporary and strictly fun. OK, it is time to beat my mean hair into a ‘DO’ and slather on some theatrical paint. Off to San Antonio tomorrow after Mike L’s funeral. There is a lot of sadness and world meanness going on. And I don’t like it.

I saw a young woman shooting up in SF. I was taking a picture of a mural and she was behind me….she had a sorry look out guy on the corner…but maybe he didn’t think Stephanie and I looked like undercover cops. I wonder about her life and her parents.

Brother Bill says Mom has been down. She is lonely and she has no company. I will write an email to the cousins and ask them to send her a note if they have time. Billy and I will get her up here once a month besides my visits….

Some cute photos from CA and a nice photo Len took of a painted bunting.

IMG_0979.jpg IMG_0983.jpg IMG_0985.jpg IMG_0997.jpg IMG_1012.jpg IMG_0994.JPG IMG_1035.jpg IMG_1008.jpg IMG_1045.JPG