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Across the US and Down the Right (aka East) Side

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I left San Jose at the crack of dawn….and sadly I didn’t get an upgrade…but I was so tired I slept all the way to Chicago. The upgrade was appreciated for the second half of the ride to Hartford though. I flew into CT as it was cheaper than into Albandy but harder. I met up with Sally P and we just grabbed our rental car and did a 1.5 hour drive to Albany. Once we got there we discovered that the airport was literally across the street. Bummer.

The next two days of observing were intense and made me realize why I like doing it so much. This IS what I am good at doing, or so I think. The training was at a regional service center. Reminded me of the old days at ESC Region 12. Oh so many years ago.IMG_0342They fed us GIANT cookies!

We didn’t really have any down time to do much but go out to eat one night at a local beef place…good food and good company. Right after the training concluded, Sally and I took the rental back to Hartford, spent the night at a Springfield Inn so we could leave the following morning. Another out at dawn flight to Jacksonville. Bill L meet me at the airport –then drove us to the sorriest Wyndham Hotel Conference Center where we stayed and also did the training. I loved watching IMG_0369 Bill and Ron do the LINN training…very good chemistry between them and good training skills. After the lads left on Friday I stayed over to meet Stephanie who drove over to Jacksonville from the Villages. We had two wonderful talk-till-you-drop days. One day over to St. Augustine….kind of disappointing but we did hit the Lightner Museum and did a trolly tour. But really it didn’t matter because all we do is talk and laugh. She is generally pretty patient with me…well sometimes.  Our big conversations focused on Never say Never.  Also how much I wish I could talk to Pam.  So that’s it…it has been a long 13 days and I don’t think I ever want to do that many observations back to back.  I sure did rack up the frequent flier miles though.  

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Did I dream this? I know I wrote about New Orleans trip but I can’t find it!

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DSC06468Denise M and I went to New Orleans for the Guard and Reserve Conference August 1-4th….I KNOW I wrote about it all…maybe it is on my laptop…if it is–and I find it later– and it may well be more interesting, then I will just merge the two or replace this recollection! I like the ‘adjust time’ button on this software. So I will just adjust the time! We worked in the exhibit hall as vendors for MCEC…very, very busy or absolutely nothing while the participants were in their sessions. I prefer busy. We did get a lot of interest in our GLU kits. At any rate, when it was quiet, Dee and I would take turns checking out the other vendors’ loot…key chains, toothbrushes, flashlights, blinking pins, etc. Cool stuff until you get it home and then it is annoying! I rarely wear pins that blink….but I do like the toothbrushes! And I do like working with Dee…we are a good team! Joan B and Kerrie B were also there but to present not sell/promote products per se. They are lots of fun too. Kerrie and I are trying to get her daughter and my nephew hooked up. It is lots of fun for us…hope the ‘kids’ don’t mind!!! Here is a nice photo of Baby David, as I used to call him 19 years ago!


So when work was over we would crawl back to our hotel….in the blazing, humid heat. Refresh a little then have a nice dinner–we did eat well…Arnauds’s Oceania, hmmm, where else….I can’t remember. But we had lovely seafood and never tasted or worried about the BP oil spill effects. I say that now, perhaps will find out later that I ate too much of a not-so-good thing. I can’t worry over that! Anyway, our hotel, the Crowne Plaza, was on the corner of DSC06508Canal and Bourbon Street so we did take in some of the night sights. Bourbon Street just doesn’t interest me very much. I prefer a glass of wine in a piano bar. Probably listening to Rosemary Clooney, Dorsey Brothers, or Percy Faith. How old am I? OMG!

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Olive Kitteridge: Pulitzer Prize Winner and Our Book Selection for August 2010

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olive-kitteridge-2.jpg I loved this book. Why did everyone think it was depressing? We are who we are. The character Olive is/was much like my late aunt, Babe. (By the way, my Mom says Babe and I are a lot alike. Hmm.) I hadn’t seen my aunt and uncle in years when they visited my Mom and me in SAT. My parents were already divorced. It was kind of like we were on a first date–getting to know each other since it had been years since we had seen each other. Mom was in her bedroom getting dressed and I was entertaining Babe and Alfred in the living room. Again, I had not been around them in years. Not since I was a kid of 12. There was some small talk about about how Babe wanted to redecorate their kitchen. Alfred said, “No way”. Babe said yes, they were going to do it. Alfred said, “NO”! Babe said, “Daaaaaamn your eyes, Alfred Maynor”. No kidding. She meant it, too. I think I almost fainted. I wanted to call 1-800-EXR-CIST. Still and all, I liked Babe. She was who she was. By the way, I think she meant it, too. Alfred proceeded Babe some years earlier in death. I think that is the correct expression. I am gong to FL in October and I think I will check out the grave art. I bet there isn’t much to it. This just goes to show when it is all said and done, no matter how much passion, anger, fervor, etc. you are still dead and it (redecorating the kitchen) didn’t/doesn’t matter. I might be depressed.

MCEC Conference and the Giant Knee.

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flag national harbor.png

National Harbor, MD can be verrrrrrry hot and humid like a pressure cooker. Fortunately we were inside nearly every minute. The MCEC conference is becoming more and more spectacular. This year Dr. Biden, as in VP of AMERICA‘s wife, Dr. Biden, was there along with the elegant Alma Powell, Colin Powell’s wife. Also all the Joints Chief of Staff….do I have my plural s in the right place? Does it matter? Anyway, all these folks were there so we had lots of security.patty with elmo.png web.jpg


Belinda P. and I were roommates–it was great to visit and catch up on subjects we often can’t cover in limited timed opportunities. We are planning a trip to Big Bend in the fall and maybe Santa Fe sooner.

The conference work was more enjoyable than ever…seemed to me it was better organized and more manageable than in the past. I am a grunt worker and that suits me. I did do a mini presentation at their EXPO on digital photo books. Surprisingly there was a good bit of interest…I thought about 75 people but maybe it was more like 50. I am trying to be more conservative. The presentation was come and go so it worked out nicely. In addition, I was part of the Purple Apron Cadre which meant I did introductions, passed out papers and pompoms, and had a ball visiting with buddies. I had a reoccurrence of the Giant Knee Syndrome (GKS) from standing on the concrete floor at the EXPO center for three hours. This means I can’t exercise and will not lose weight. It also means I am walking like Chester in Gunsmoke. Grrrrrrrrrr. mary\.jpg

Coming home I sat next to Mary K from DFW to GRK… she is so busy–I miss our visits and brainstorming……but we crammed in good talk while zipping through the air…

Susan EXPO.jpgDSC06450 DSC06454

On a Serious Note

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I have just finished taking the very long Defensive Driving Online course. I whined about it in an earlier entry. I am going to review my notes then take the exam–of course, I am nervous about taking any kind of exam and especially now because there was so much information covered and frankly it was all very sobering…no pun intended. The content was really what I needed and I think it was better to suffer through it because I thought so much about the content. Especially the donor information*–and the stats regarding alcohol and driving…which I do not do, thank you God. Part of the presentation made me cry. During one of the many, many breaks I took, I went in and seriously reminded Len that I want any usable organs or tissue donated. He get’s it and Scott and White does have my power of attorney and medical preferences. I am worried that my organs might be too old and tough. I hope not.

I am always so glib about my little journal and silly; I admit it. I don’t really want to bare open my soul in my journal because it isn’t under lock and key or buried in an undisclosed bunker, and obviously, it is posted on the internet! Here are some of the reasons I steer away from serious topics–

1. I have some serious character flaws that need not be reviewed even by dear friends and family! In case they hadn’t noticed them previously.

2. The flaws change from time to time…the cumulative factor could put off even dear friends and family…

3. Writing my truth today might not be my truth tomorrow and

4. Maddie Lee taught me never put anything in writing that I wouldn’t want read in court.

• Texans can register to be a certified donor at