Women in the Outdoors….Great Fun Although It Sounds Like a B Movie

DSC05707Or maybe like a spooky movement of some kind. But it was sooooooooo cool. I loved every minute of it and told every third staff person to make sure I was

DSC05729on the mailing list for next year. It is run, I THINK, by the National Wild Turkey Foundation….I am trying to connect the dots but I don’t have time to understand the connection…but what the events are designed to teach outdoor skills in a non competitive environment, wildlife management, and the role of hunters in conservation. They have an Annie Oakley award….OMG. I think it is very interesting. Susan L and I signed up for a full day but I only attended the morning just because I have a zillion things to do before the airport shuttle picks me up in the morning. The zillion things, do not include writing in journal, but I like doing it while it is still fresh in my mind. Oh, I will be receiving Turkey Country magazine! Imagine that on my coffee table?

Suz and I both took Dutch Oven Cooking which was really Home Ec. teachers’ heaven. I became a bit misty eyed over those cast iron pots and homemade fire starters (egg cartons, clothes dryer lint, and paraffin). I think Suz and I are interested in starting our own DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering) chapter…we are so pumped about it. I mean it is really, really cool. Max already wants some of the recipes! DSC05711 DSC05720  

Next archery and I am hooked….I think I bought a bow. I took archery in college in 1965! And well, call it muscle memory…but I am a fair shot, well heck, a great shot. Two big men who were the Vanas of the Archery Area commented on my good form and consistency. Boy did I like that! I can’t wait to have archery parties and perhaps wear a Maid Marion costume and appropriate jewelry? And of course, we will use dutch ovens to whip up somethin’ tasty! Maybe a Spiced Rum Punch?

There’s more. A silent auction–be still my heart. I was compelled to bid and won….very lethal looking knives with ‘camo’ motif handles! I think one of them is used to field dress! Maybe another is for fishing. Max will know. DSC05744

DSC05732 DSC05706DSC05736 DSC05735

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