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Tattoo and Hooping.

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DSC06675I love this henna tattoo business. I have the prettiest Hand of Fatima between my shoulder blades. The first version, shown left, was fairly phallic so when I went in for my ‘touch up’ before Mexico she brought it down a notch. It should last a couple of weeks if I keep it sealed with Burts Bees lip balm and avoid rigorous exfoliation. The application was so interesting. Kim is a little sprite of a person who wears glitter everyday. She told me so many things during the process, that I was totally and completely over-stimulated. She also teaches hooping and fire dancing. So, in addition to getting the very pretty tattoo, I also bought a $40.00 hoola hoop. I read that hooping is really good for your core muscles and you can burn up to 600 calories for 20 minutes of hoola hooping. I think this is very exciting. Kim wants me to practice my turns…it hula-hoop.jpgcould be this is another approach to becoming a Whirling Dirvish I expect that I will want to take fire dancing too and possibly have a recital when the Bell County burn ban is lifted. I may also want to get a travel bag for my hoola hoop. Len is more scared of me than usual.

Len, the Athlete, Does 65 miles on the Ride for the Roses

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Len, who is also known as Hunka, Hunka My Burnin’ Love, is very popular with women. He has great legs. Here he is at the Ride for the Roses. Now this IS impressive. He rode 67 miles to commemorate his 67 birthday. I can’t ride 5 miles. I am proud of him. He donated the entry fee in support of our friend, Susan S. He is a good man.
Dell's Angels Bar at Ride of the Roses.jpg Len and Biker Chickie.jpg

Henna Tattoo, Grooming, and Masks

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Ok, planning/packing for Day of Dead in San Miguel. Last year we did not take Halloween candy and I semi-wished we had some for the tiny tots not the 10 year olds and up. So yes, I am going to get cheapish pencils or stickers and I will eat the candy…actually I started eating it last night. I did look through last year’s book….Jackie told me she liked my hair last year. I might take the book and show Edward who is a loooooove but is still on my Poopy List since I don’t think he is talking to me. ANYWAY, It looks like I wore jeans and kaki pants and shirts. How boring. Must throw in a couple of showbizzy outfits just so if Sally H ever sees photos she won’t be disappointed in my costume selections. Oh, sunscreen and hat….Robt de Gast, my photography tutor reminded me of altitude….it only bothered me when walking up to one place we stayed near the Botanica.

Going for my henna tattoo today. I usually swear to do no major hair or face treatments prior to trips…not to imply that the tattoo will be on my face—but really where? Kim, tattoo artist, who wears glitter every day of her life, hence my trust in her capabilities, said it needs to be on a fleshy part of my body. OK, so that means my stomach, cheeky-behind, or bosom. Hmmmm. But perhaps I will want to show people and see it myself…so maybe it will have to be on my marginally fleshy forehead…I am so blind. Len suggests I do not put on bosom or cheeky behind….he knows what a show off I am. Back to grooming scheduling….so what did I do? I scheduled never-before henna tattoo a week out in case of allergic reaction. In addition, BUT DUMBLY, microdermabrasion two days before and hair color the day before we leave. The pedicure three days before, surely that can’t cause too much furor. Unless I wear my new silver polish. I have it on today. Very heavy metal, I think.

I located 5 masks that I bought last year at a stripper store that Edward sent me to. They will be packed in the suitcase unless I am told by compatriots not to bother! I think I will take a photo and send them out prior to trip.

This week I am going to meet a woman from SMdA who goes to St. Paul’s. She speaks very little English and is living here for 6 weeks so she can continue to receive her late husband’s social security.

I wonder if the B12 Belinda recommended could make me hyper? Is that why I am so chatty this morning?

Brain Fever, Missing Jewels, and Len’s Neck

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I am a woman possessed. I have lost my real wedding ring, a platinum ring, and my favorite gold bracelet. Maybe not lost, rather hidden by me from me. This is becoming a common practice but this time I am sick that I have really hidden them too well. I remember doing this right before I left for the MCEC trans-continental tour. I had this fear that someone would break in and steal them….just a wee bit paranoid for no good reason. In fact for two days I didn’t even realize the gold bracelet was also MIA, then slowly it came back to me about the hiding. Sooooooo, I have gutted our bedroom, my bathroom, and my closet. The good news is that in the process I have purged my closet and polished all my boudoir silver. That much I like very much.

In my attempt to focus, I have taken all my ring guards and put them in a little organdy sack. With full thoughtfulness I have hung the sack around my statue of St. Anthony…even lit three candles. I KNOW I will find them but when? DSC06679.jpg

Another down side to hiding things—Len may soon want to help me search. I hate it when he starts hunting….the questioning and the interrogations and the hot lights.

He has been to the doctor and it appears he may need more surgery. I hope not.  Both of his arms are numb and his physician thinks that the neck may need more fusing of upper vertebrae. He is riding in Lance Armstrong’s Ride for the Roses this Sunday if it isn’t raining. He wants to do 67 miles for his age. I guess he is just like the Energizer Bunny. He just keeps going. I admire that about him.

Across the US and Down the Right (aka East) Side

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I left San Jose at the crack of dawn….and sadly I didn’t get an upgrade…but I was so tired I slept all the way to Chicago. The upgrade was appreciated for the second half of the ride to Hartford though. I flew into CT as it was cheaper than into Albandy but harder. I met up with Sally P and we just grabbed our rental car and did a 1.5 hour drive to Albany. Once we got there we discovered that the airport was literally across the street. Bummer.

The next two days of observing were intense and made me realize why I like doing it so much. This IS what I am good at doing, or so I think. The training was at a regional service center. Reminded me of the old days at ESC Region 12. Oh so many years ago.IMG_0342They fed us GIANT cookies!

We didn’t really have any down time to do much but go out to eat one night at a local beef place…good food and good company. Right after the training concluded, Sally and I took the rental back to Hartford, spent the night at a Springfield Inn so we could leave the following morning. Another out at dawn flight to Jacksonville. Bill L meet me at the airport –then drove us to the sorriest Wyndham Hotel Conference Center where we stayed and also did the training. I loved watching IMG_0369 Bill and Ron do the LINN training…very good chemistry between them and good training skills. After the lads left on Friday I stayed over to meet Stephanie who drove over to Jacksonville from the Villages. We had two wonderful talk-till-you-drop days. One day over to St. Augustine….kind of disappointing but we did hit the Lightner Museum and did a trolly tour. But really it didn’t matter because all we do is talk and laugh. She is generally pretty patient with me…well sometimes.  Our big conversations focused on Never say Never.  Also how much I wish I could talk to Pam.  So that’s it…it has been a long 13 days and I don’t think I ever want to do that many observations back to back.  I sure did rack up the frequent flier miles though.  

IMG_0418.JPG  IMG_0393.JPG IMG_0395.jpg

Do You Know the Way to San Jose? — Or Monterey?

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I loved that song….That’s the way I started by MCEC cross-country tour. I left on September 28th and I won’t get back until October 11th…So, I flew in to San Jose then used a rented land rocket to drive to Monterey. I arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn just in time to go to dinner in the hotel then to bed. Next morning, I zipped over to Trader Joe’s so I could replenish my stash of TJ brand of Vietnamese Sesame Crepes….I figured I could get a couple of dozen in my carry on. Horrors! They have discontinued them! I didn’t take it well…already have emailed TJ corporate headquarters pleading with them to restock them. Nothing better in the world than these spread with the ever-popular Nutella, a little whipped cream, and a straw

IMG_0244 From Trader Joe’s I hit the CVS drug store in Pacific Grove so I could get hair accoutrements then on to Pacific Grove


for a 5 mile walk. I love, love, love that place. I like it more than Pebble Beach, but not more than Carmel. After a quick visit and lunch at Flaherty’s in Carmel, I headed back to the hotel to meet with the trainers, Tina and Ululani. We set up the room and then went out to dinner at the Fish Hopper at Cannery Row. The next two days I did coaching….I love this part of my work for MCEC. It is so gratifying and both Tina and Ululani were eager


learners. After the de-briefs with the gals, Ululani and I had a nice dinner then the next morning I took U to the airport at 4:50 am! It was good for me and I liked that I was up and attem’ and ready to meet Bill and Tanya at the Carmel Poodle Parade. OMG, this was such an experience. Every kind of poodle and poodle owner. After the parade, Bill took us to breakfast…then we went by their house so they could share one of their Monterey Aquarium Passes….we said our good byes…I went on to the aquarium and then to the Monterey Museum of Art to see an Ansel Adams exhibit.

A quick drive back to San Jose and dinner at a ‘fusion’ restaurant called Banana Leaf. I did go off my diet.

IMG_0259 IMG_0288 DSC06646 DSC06664


IMG_0324 IMG_0332IMG_0337