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More from Oklahoma: LINN Training and Lovin’ my Cousins!

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IMG_0175.JPGIMG_0173.jpg So, I have had two very nice days observing trainers and incredibly cooperative participants in the OKC LINN (Living in the New Normal) training. All went very well with all 35 of the participants.   

Friday after the training was complete and all the boxes were ready for FEDEX, I headed to Guthrie to see two of my dear cousins. Janie and Shirley….Janie’s Joe was out building a duck blind so we had full throttle monologues going on simultaneously…no easy feat but we did it. Jane whipped up an incredible meal which she can do blindfolded and with no effort. I tell her I would have to have a mobile, IV valium drip to be able to do what she does. Just about the time we were sitting down to eat, the next generation of ‘kids’ came barreling in. All boys belonging to Jane’s two daughters, Kelly (with 3) and Tiffany (with 1). I mean these are all precious little high energy lads. So after some happy snaps, we went on two fields trips– to Kelly and Tiffany’s homes….both wonderful. These are some lucky gals.


We had so much fun…it is sort of bitter sweet. Clearly, I am NOT parent material but when I see all that love it makes me wish I had been…well sort of wish it. At any rate, we laughed, shared recipes, swapped recollections, and say we will rendezvous in Dallas so we can see our Aunt Justine and cousin, Diana. I hope I can nag enough to make it happen. Mom is so excited to hear every word and see the photos. I am going home tomorrow so I will have a chance to show and tell.

IMG_0180 IMG_0181


What does a Defensive Driving Class have in common with a Weight Watcher’s Class?

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images.jpegPPPPPPPunishment for sins. The Catholics should have a look at the format for these two sessions for penance. This defensive driving class is almost as mind numbing as writing sentences in 3rd grade….

  1. I will not talk in class.
  2. I will not talk in class.
  3. I will not eat cookies.
  4. I will not eat cookies
  5. I will not eat cookies.
  6. I will not speed.
  7. I will not speed.
  8. I will not speed.
  9. I will not speed.
  10. I will not speed.
  11. I will not speed.
  12. I will not speed!
  13. I am soooooooo sorry I talked in class, ate cookies, and speeded. Is that evan a word?

A quick trip to San Antonio and Learning at the McNay Art Institute

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Monday Max and I did housework! He helped me hang curtains and pictures. We LOVE Max!DSC_8541

After getting red ‘lowlights’ from precious Edward, I drove like the wind to SAT, I went straight to Mom’s so I could fix her hair then get us (Mom, Betty, and me) to the Neiman Marcus Cafe where beautiful, smart Belinda treated us to lunch. Betty and Mom just adore her and hang on her every word….I love to see them with her. My claim to fame is that she is my friend! Mom had a hard time hearing anything….I must remember to put her in the middle of the booth. This was the first time Mom asked me to order for her. It sort of shocked me…glad I did though because she liked having an appetizer in terms of size. Usually she can’t eat half of what she orders. It was looooovely.

As soon as I got the ‘girls’ home, I tried on my new slacks and top for their approval…so I guess I can wear it to the tea. There was a time when Mom and Betty would have loved coming up for any big event and especially a tea party. No more. I even think Betty is slowing down. This depresses me a lot.

RIght after Betty went home, I went to the McNay for my Educators Night! Wow, I was so impressed….the sessions were based on the two current exhibits….American Beauty: DSC04989 DSC04990 Pictorialism & Impressionism. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t dinner first…and wine too…then to our selected two sessions. I went to a session on making acrylic lifts which I learned to do in 1965 at SWTSU….new products but the process is more or less the same.DSC04945 I have to think of what I will do with the transparencies I make…the other class was about the 4th dimension in photography. I really liked both sessions and I met some very interesting people…I sat next to a woman who is a retired psychologist from Alamo Heights who is a mediator now…and she worked for years with former boy friend, Ed Churchin! Imagine that for a small world?

I spent the rest of the time doing errands for Mom…I did see Billy for a while…borrowed lots of cups and saucers from Mom, as well as, more silver trays for the tea!

Beautiful day — happy activities

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At last gorgeous weather….blue skies and sun and yet reeeeeeeeally cold! I should have worn that new coat…I said I was going to wear it with jeans and for everyday wear….maybe I will go to the Redneck Hot Rod Mud Bog and wear it. That will be the real test of wearing comfort! I had the most ernest plans to walk but I just didn’t get home in time and it would have interfered with the glorious nap I enjoyed. There may be nothing better or decadent than napping. I am glad I avoid that wonderful/awful habit because it screws up my circadian clock and I stay up all night then sleep late and on an on.   

DSC04914So this morning I helped judge the 4H Bell County Youth Fair Livestock Show…clothing construction. I loved it. It seems it has been ages since I did something with total confidence…I knew exactly what to do and why I was doing it. Those kids did great work…even those little projects that were short on perfection…I admire anyone who will try something new and stretch. DSC04913 AND while I was there I saw two former KISD colleagues….Betty Gilmore and Jerry Lewis…that was nice too.  

Book club tonight at Karin’s–Len is at Salado High School watching the last of the girl’s basketball for the season. He and Brother DentOn are very loyal fans for all Salado HS athletics.

There is a gorgeous sunset going on now and 5 fat deer in the front yard.

Trying to be quiet…I am way too over-stimulated.

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Home at last….found the achiote powder at the Fiesta grocery store on IH 35….it is like the Mega in San Miguel. I hate all this zipping around but need to get stuff done for the tea and brunch. I like to be busy but this is waaaaay to much for me. For Lent, I am thinking of either giving up obsessive activity or obsessive spending. I think I will consult Len and buddies before jumping into a decision that has 40 day implications and subsequent guilt if I fail.

Len made the superb achiote recipe. He IS the KING of RICE….he cannot mess it up like I can…and is showing growth…he willingly allowed me to chop the veggies, give advice, then take a nap while he cooked it. He is KING.

DSC04900Dinner and Texas Hold Em’ poker at the DentOns. Loooots of laughs and yummy dinner. Bob had a new set of poker accoutrements which we broke in. He, as owner, host, and former administrator taught us how to play…Bill & Little Suz already knew how….I love that Bob is or was a card game NON-enthusiast….I think knowledge of rules is a very taxing activity. We all won a hand…Bob won more pots and Len won the largest when after folding repeatedly, won the last giant pot with a heart flush…..too many Manhattans for me to know much more about gaming except that I believe I have difficulty with sequencing when it comes to betting and dealing occasionally. Just too many rules.. DSC04902 DSC04904

On being confused and being home, thank goodness! AND 39th annivesary!

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I have been gone tooooo long. My flight from DFW was cancelled and then rescheduled because of bad weather so I didn’t get back to Austin until about 9:00 pm. It was a ride from hell. I employed all my anti-screaming diversions…counting from 50 backwards and chanting the multiplication tables (NO EASY FEAT FOR ME)! Thank goodness for drugs.

Len is such a saint….I KNOW he hated waiting around the airport. He had been gone all day so it must have made him nuts but he kept his chin up! So home at last in blinding rain to see fat cats and lots of catalogs in the mail bin.

Yesterday, did many errands….So here I am today….not as bomblasted as I was the first day home…just too many adventures in a short period of time. I actually walked this afternoon and recommitted to serious weight loss. Poor Len….this was our 39th anniversary and I stayed in my PJs till 2:00 pm. How decadent is that? I asked him if he thought I looked anything like Julia Roberts. He laughed seriously. Later he cheerfully ran errands for me and assured me he wants to keep me! I was the big winner though…I gave him the biggest anniversary card but his was the sweetest! Tomorrow church and buddies coming over to do tea party planning.

Now this is high fashion!

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Cute Little PURSE How about this for the cutest little watering can purse you ever saw? I bought it at the McNay Art Institute in San Antonio. It is about 7 inches tall…when I paid for it I asked the cashier if all the people who bought it were kind of quirky…she smiled and said, “You are the first to buy one!” BUT she added they had only put them out that morning. I felt/feel vindicated! 🙂